20th Anniversary Mew Giveaway!

Okay so I know that the Mew codes are relatively easy to get- just gotta go to Gamestop, right?

Well, some towns/cities don’t have Gamestop. Or they run out. Gamestop has also had a history of not handing over codes as they’re supposed to do. So, I managed to get a few extra from someone to give away to people who are unable to get the codes themselves.

It’s really simple. All I need from you is a reblog and a quick written piece. I don’t care about grammar, or spelling, or sentence structure. I just want to know how Pokemon has impacted your life since you’ve started it. Whether it’s helped you make friends, or it’s been an escape from a hellish job, I want to hear it! 

All I ask is that you do take a bit of time to really make it nice and thoughtful, even if the answer is simple. I will read all of these myself, and if you only write two sentences I won’t think about your submission at the end of this.

There are 3 codes for this giveaway. Extra reblogs will not increase your chances of winning, and please do not write pieces on all of your side blogs for this either. Only one submission per person. Absolutely NO giveaway blogs will be considered. I will repeat the submission rules here:

1. Reblog this post.

2. Write a piece about how Pokemon has impacted your life.


Submissions will CLOSE February 16th. 

Okay. That’s all I can think of for this. Good luck, and have fun everyone!