Talking Family, Fans and Thunderstorms with MLB All-Star @miketrout

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Twenty-three-year-old Mike Trout (@miketrout) is baseball’s reigning American League MVP. He signed a $144.5 million contract in 2014, and will be up for another deal before he turns 30. And yet, his feed reveals a regular guy who loves his job, his family, his young fans and, interestingly enough, weather.

“Growing up, I always watched the weather with my dad,” Mike says of his father, former minor leaguer Jeff Trout. “He got me hooked. I love watching it snow and any kind of thunderstorm.” Naturally, the first photo he shared from Cincinnati, where he is now to play in his fourth All-Star Game, was of pedestrians caught in the rain.

The superstar athlete loves his young fans, who make art and signs for him all the time. “It’s always cool to see how creative fans can get. I appreciate it. It’s humbling!” he says. One child actually has a net that Mike tosses a ball into every home game that’s known as — what else? — the “Trout Net!” “What’s cool is [the kid] always finds a new fan to give a ball to,” Mike says.

Mike’s most important little fans may be his sister Teal’s two kids. In one of the many personal photos he has posted, he was practicing letters with his niece. “I try to be the best uncle there is so I spoil her pretty good,” he says.

This week, Mike will get a few days off for the All-Star celebrations. Then it’s back to work trying to lead his team, the first-place Los Angeles Angels, back to the playoffs. Still, he doesn’t boast about having such an outstanding 2015 so far. (Eighty-eight games into the season, he already has 26 home runs, compared to his career high of 36, which he hit last year in 157 contests.) “I love the game,” Mike says. “I do my best to play it the right way. When you go out there and have fun, good things will happen.”