Of course! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!

  • While Hibari doesn’t particularly have a connection to any Disney movie, as he rarely ever watches them. However, of those he has watched, he can admit that he often emotes more with the villains than the heroes, who seem needlessly foolish and reliant on others.
  • Out of all those villains though, he admits to relating to Shere Khan quite a bit. In his mind, the tiger was just doing what he had to. He was the alpha animal and was simply trying to protect his jungle, much like Hibari protects Namimori, and to keep the animals in his jungle behaving properly. 
  • Along with that, Hibari likes most of the animal companions from the movie a lot better than the actual movie itself. He’d adopt any of them but really likes Mushu, Rajah, and Maximus. They all actually helped their ‘human’s’ and he likes animals that he can use to be helpful.