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I call bullshit on you knowing about Weiss' semblance.

You can’t cal bullschnee to a theory.

The first inclination I had was during her trailer when she fought that knight. I figured a construct like that couldn’t be robot because of it’s movements. Then I saw her glyphs and thought of the mahou shoujo animes I’ve seen. So I pegged Weiss as a combat mage or something.

At this point in the RWBY timeline, semblances were still a mystery. But I had an immediate feeling Weiss’ was special. It was plastered all over her equipment, her clothing, and even on magazines. I figured it was something all the people in her family had. Then the World of Remnant episode about semblances aired and my suspicions were confirmed: Weiss’ semblance was hereditary. We’ve only seen what a young woman in-training could do, just imagine how a fully trained Schnee fought? We’ve seen Weiss’ precision. Her dedication to form. But what else is she capable of?

Sadly, after the first season and no knight, I thought the trailer was just that. A trailer. But then season two came in and we see something hella familiar for a second.

Yeah, Weiss has summoned the sword… but where’s the rest? Where is Weiss’ knight?

Now in season three we see her gain the upper hand by doing something pretty underhanded, and I can’t help but think of the trailer again. This icy hand was completely under Weiss’ control; she could move each finger. The amount of power Weiss had at her disposal is scary, and I’m not just saying that because she was on her home turf of ice and snow. 

And now this little baby materializes completely. It isn’t opaque like the sword she swung in season two. Weiss is getting stronger and stronger, and it’ll only be a matter of time before she can fully master it. Just imagine her summoning body that fist belonged to. Imagine it wielding that frozen sword. Imagine Weiss wielding it. 

Weiss Schnee, the support character, is on her way to being able to contend on her own. If she were to ever fight alone after mastering her semblance, her support abilities can reinvigorate her frozen knight and I can see her being unstoppable.