TV Show Meme: Episodes that make you cry [3/3]

Friday Night Lights → The Son (4x05)

I hate him. And I don’t, I don’t like hating people, but I just put all my hate on him so that I don’t have to hate anybody else. So that I can be a good person, you know, to my grandma, friends, to your daughter, and that’s all I wanna say. I just wanna tell him to his face that I hate him, but he doesn’t even have a face.


Coach Taylor says turn off your damn cell phone

Theater chain Alamo Drafthouse has a history of doing entertaining PSAs to shame people into behaving properly—there’s a whole “Don’t Talk” subchannel on the company’s YouTube page. Considering the Drafthouse started in Austin, it’s almost surprising it took this long to connect its videos to the greatest show ever filmed in that city, Friday Night Lights. But it has happened, with Kyle Chandler donning his Panthers blue—hmm, wouldn’t he have stayed at East Dillon?—to try to make another one of his inspirational speeches. It doesn’t go well.

Don’t let coach down, y’all.

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