Update (5:15 p.m. PST): Cobb has been diagnosed with a mild concussion, the Tampa Bay Rays announced. By all accounts, he seems to be doing just fine, even though in truth there’s no such thing as a ‘mild’ brain injury.

Tampa Bay Rays SP Alex Cobb’s week has gone from worst to hell Saturday.

After completing his start Monday, the Rays informed him that his grandmother has passed away. Upon his next start Saturday against the Kansas City Royals, Cobb was struck in the head by a line drive off Royals 1B Eric Hosmer.

The extent of his injuries haven’t been determined. The Rays announced that Cobb’s been taken to a St. Petersburg area hospital for further observations.


Florida high-school baseball pitcher Chelsea Baker is female. She throws a knuckleball. She’s pitched two perfect games. It’s obvious, but it needs to be said: she did it against male hitters. So there. She’s fucking awesome.

Baker, 17, threw batting practice against the Tampa Bay Rays Monday, and plunked Evan Longoria. No one complained. One day man. One day. Baseball, with the advent of extreme shifts, and a great equalizing pitch like the knuckler, could be the first professional sport to be integrated. 

Baker might even be the one to break the gender barrier. I’d take her over Scott Baker any day.

“Evan Longoria Denies Hitting on Alex Morgan via Twitter.”

Back in July, the U.S. women’s national soccer team received tons of media coverage and fanfare for their performance in the World Cup. There were many reasons the team became so popular (having a few attractive star players doesn’t hurt). Alex Morgan and Hope Solo received plenty of attention because of their stellar play and good looks. Rays third baseman Evan Longoria is one of the athletes who seemed to be flirting with Morgan.

In July, Longoria tweeted at Morgan “the TB Rays want to have you USA soccer girls out to throw out first pitches and chill at a game!” Morgan responded and said she wanted to, but she ended up throwing a first pitch at a Royals game.

It seemed like Longoria was flirting (he could have sent his tweet to any other player but he chose Morgan), but he denies that is the case.

“I tweeted Alex Morgan a couple times [during the Women’s World Cup] and everybody on Twitter assumed that you’re trying to hit on somebody. You can’t really give a sincere tweet. If it’s to a girl, [they think] you’re trying to get in their pants,” Longoria said on the Hot Clicks podcast.

“That’s funny to me. Alex, hey, she’s a good looking girl. For me, Twitter is not used as a dating service. I figure it’s more of a way to connect to your fans.”

So Longoria admits she’s good looking, directed his original tweet at Alex and not any of the other players, and we’re supposed to buy that he wasn’t flirting. It’s OK Longo, you’re not the only one who likes her. Plus, it’s not like you got shot down — everybody knows she has a boyfriend. Just man up and admit you were trying to get in with her.