I was the one that used the Contact Form on the Bad Dragon user.

I’m glad I did, it has no place on site regardless of if kids may or may not know what it’s referring to, the fact that they can find out easily and that others already know is reason enough to remove it.

Y'all had no issues when the guy that had the Columbine Killer dragons got those changed. But apparently no one should touch your sex toy references.

Okay, that totally makes sense, sure.

And no, not coming off Anon for this since you all seem really upset that it got wiped and I don’t have time to deal with the BS.

I found this on Twitter, it’s in italian and spanish but I will translate it for you (dated 2 December 2013 about Mr. X drama period):

- Calder twins

- One will fall, only four will remain

- A baby will die

- One will come out of the closet

- A couple will born

Okay, maybe this is totally nonsense but if you think rationally, we can agree that some things of this “list” came true. I’ m still not sure of the “Calder Twins” thing, but Eleanor it’s not here anymore.

The second point of the list could be Zayn? YES.

And the third point: a baby? Louis and Briana’s? How could Mr. X knew about the pregnancy? And that this poor creature will “die”? Maybe this baby it’s not even true or it’s not Louis’ so they will cover it with a miscarriage etc.

So only two of these points can be considered “confirmed” because they actually happened.

The last two points: the coming-out of a member and a new couple.

I think that Harry will, sooner or later, come out of the closet.

The new couple? I just hope that this is Louis and Harry! Harry will come out of the closet and Louis will follow him.

These are only my personal opinions based on what Mr. X said in 2013.

We have to wait, keep supporting the guys, show them our love and hopefully one day reach something that is worth the while.

he @’d me lol

and my final reply (which isn’t screen shotted because he hasn’t responded yet)

I haven’t said anything about Fallen. I don’t care about her. She created the conflict she did BY HERSELF. I haven’t said anything about her except acknowledging that you two are together. Which you flaunt anyways, so.
I haven’t done a single thing like that. I’ve added my comments to YOUR doing. YOU posted those stamps. YOU wrote your own bio.

idc that i posted this on the tag. community has a right to know what’s being said.