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Samuel sighed and started to wander around the Waterfall… glancing around, they noticed this place was a lot different from their own at home. Everything seemed so… calmer for some reason.

Taking a look around the corner… they find themselves in a small town it would seem. They saw a figure, floating on by… the music coming from their headphones were loud, he could even hear it.

“Hey-! Do you mind turning your music down?” The kid huffed a bit, they didn’t really like music all too much.

Seungri's performing in drama 'Brash'

part 1.

part 2.

part 3.

part 4.

part 5.

part 6.

part 7.

part 8.

While I was watching Seungri’s performing at part 7, i wanted to cry TT

The original of the musical is an old novel named ‘The Shower (소나기)’ and it is in Korean students’ text book. It is really that famous.

I want to share the story of the musical but.. i’m not that good at english (i’m Korean!) . I’m studying english through tumblr just like ri’s twitter…

I hope there are eng sub of them so that many fans can understand.

sorry that i can’t translate it ;(


he had performed it long time ago (2008) but i still watching it.

Proud of 승리! i just want to see him in musical again!