Midnight in the Village
Seeger lights the candles
From Bitter End to Gaslight
Baez leaves the stage
Ochs takes notes
When the black girl and guitar
Burn together hot in rage
You’ve got what it takes
You say too much
Oh you will set the world babe
You will set the world on fire

267. (YOU WILL) SET THE WORLD ON FIRE - Album: The Next Day, 2013


Ben Affleck’s Armageddon commentary

Here’s when science says the world could end

There’s this thing called the Doomsday Clock. Every year, a board of geniuses convenes to determine how it should be reset — sort of like daylight savings, but less predictable and miles more disconcerting. As the Telegraph reported, these knowledgeable few declared in January that 2016 puts us one hour closer to midnight on the clock, which is to say, the apocalypse. According to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, we are currently three minutes to midnight.

But the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists isn’t the only group speculating on when, precisely, the world will end.

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