The U.S. Postal Service also had a nuclear apocalypse plan dating all the way back to the ‘50s, and it was better than the one Kevin Costner came up with. Revised again in the '80s, the USPS Emergency Planning Manual instructed postal employees on how to check mail for radiation before processing, and in the event of a full-scale invasion, to burn all the stamps so that they wouldn’t fall into enemy hands. Our vicious, stamp-collecting enemies.

The USPS also stockpiled a massive number of change-of-address forms in case of an emergency displacement of the population, so citizens could still get jam-of-the-month deliveries in their new residence, hiding in the burned-out husk of a 7-Eleven. In 1982, Congress called on the USPS to defend the efficacy of the plan, questioning the necessity of a postal service when there’s not many people “left to read or write letters after the nuclear bombs explode.” To which the United States Postal Service replied: “But those that are will get their mail.”

6 Powerful Groups You Didn’t Know Have Post-Apocalypse Plans

Here’s when science says the world could end

There’s this thing called the Doomsday Clock. Every year, a board of geniuses convenes to determine how it should be reset — sort of like daylight savings, but less predictable and miles more disconcerting. As the Telegraph reported, these knowledgeable few declared in January that 2016 puts us one hour closer to midnight on the clock, which is to say, the apocalypse. According to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, we are currently three minutes to midnight.

But the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists isn’t the only group speculating on when, precisely, the world will end.

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Some things you may not have known about Michael Clarke Duncan…

He use to work security for celebrities such as LL Cool J and Will Smith, including The Notorious BIG, quitting after BIG’s death.

These connections helped get him cast in bit and background roles, such as playing craps with Chris Tucker in the “THAT’S MY BIKE” scene from Friday.
Mike was discovered working out in an LA gym by Michael Bay and was invited to audition for Armageddon. He said that he couldn’t believe he was auditioning for such big names and when they cast him in the room he immediately started crying. “My momma is gonna be so proud of me.”

Ben Affleck and Bay have said that Big Mike’s first day on Armageddon was rough, and that he was doing the character completely wrong. It took Bay to pull him aside and tell him that he wanted Mike to BE HIMSELF for him to pull off the lovable character of Bear, a favorite from the film who gets some of the biggest laughs.

Armageddon costar Bruce Willis recommended Duncan for his famous role in The Green Mile. The performance earned him an Oscar and a Globe nomination, among others.

To play Kingpin in Daredevil he added 40lbs onto his 6'5" body for the role. Not being able to regain the weight in 2004 was a factor in his character not returning in Elektra, though he was interested. It was around this time that Mike became a vegetarian and activist for the fair treatment of animals.

Friends have said that he never got a big head as a result of his career success and what they miss most about him is his laugh.

December 10, 1957 - September 3, 2012




Seriously though, this movie is ridiculous.

It’s one of the most over the top action movies I have ever seen. The story is ludicrous, the pacing is rushed, it’s obnoxiously loud, surprisingly long, and the characters are impossibly flat. It feels like any time the characters are getting any development they just jam in another explosion.

The explosions. Oh dear Luna, the explosions could have their own review, because this guy is obsessed with them.

But, with all that said, I don’t really regret watching this movie. I mean, yeah it’s pretty bad, but it’s enjoyably bad. It’s like watching a fireworks factory catch fire, then exploding, and the flaming debris destroy a clown circus. It’s awful, but you just can’t take your eyes away from it.

And now, if you excuse me, I think I should go and leave Maud alone with this movie for a couple of hours. I think she’s liking that asteroid a little too much.