sogoththatimdead asked:

Let me tell you about this dumb boy I know about the way his hair flows perfectly in the wind when he goes for strolls at midnight and his curls get tangled in between all my piercings every time he grabs and spins me around then cups my face to exchange breaths.Let me tell you about the aspiring artist who tried to bribe the security with 50$ just so he could stare at a painting for 5 minutes more, let me tell the world about the boy I am so in love with yet he cannot see why


Awesome (And Slightly Sad) Moment of My Day 3/3/15:
I said goodbye to this beautiful, talented, inspiring girl. Julia is a senior and I’m not going to see her again for God knows how long. She’s off to college! I’m so happy for her, but I can’t help feel a little sad too. To put it as simply as I can, she’s my role model. I met her this year through Youth and Government and I can’t express how important she’s become to me. She makes me feel loved and important, and I know she cares deeply about me. She taught me that a role model doesn’t have to be some distant celebrity or political figure, but that my role model can be an amazing friend. I wish her all the best in life, and frankly, I know she’s gonna kick the world’s ass.