I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of Stefán. The obstacles he’s had to face after being diagnosed with cancer and being able to continue on conquering his battle with cancer is absolutely inspiring. I admire Stefán for being able to get past all of the things that he’s been through and most importantly being the humble human being that he is. Not only is he incredibly talented, loving and charming he has a literal heart of gold. The fact that he’s devoted his life standing up against bullying, filling hearts up with joy and putting the biggest smile on people’s faces of all ages including myself is absolutely something I couldn’t thank him enough for. He definitely deserves all of the love and support he’s received and continues to receive. If Stefán were able to see this I would want to thank him so much for his existence. The wonderful impact he’s made in my life is tremendous. I love you Plant Dad 🌱💚

I’d like to offer my biggest gratitude to Máni Svavarsson

He is the keyboardist, lyricist, and script contributor responsible for many of the great songs from LazyTown AND Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ including:

-Cooking by the Book
-Bing Bang
-Welcome to LazyTown
-You Are a Pirate
-Gizmo Guy
-Master of Disguise
-Versti Fantur
-No One’s Lazy in LazyTown
-Enginn Latur í Latabæ
-We Are Number One

This man basically wrote all of LazyTown’s greatest hits, so please, let’s all give this man his much deserved credit