When the resizing ruins all ur detailing and u crey everytiem

anyway, this started out as an exercise on drawing allll the kids from Glanni Glæpur ì Latabær but then I was like. What IF I drew MORE and added Glanni and îþróttaàlfurinn and I did that too

And then I hand-drew the logo.

And now we are here.

….I’m reading Shadows Return at the moment.
So, at this point of the story Alec is definitely bigger than Seregil (in the previous book their height was still the same, but Alec had broader shoulders. In Shadows Return he’s a little bit taller than Seregil.)

Alec, it’s you time to shine darling!

(On Flewellng’s fb page I discovered that Alec’s birthday is on 4th July, so he’s a little moody Cancer like me.
Another thing we have in common, aside the majestic black bow. *laughs*)