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Gotham City Sirens | Pamela Isley 

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Day 1: Throwback Mole Suspicion: I mark Young Justice as a major turning point in my view of my fellow women and girls in media. My first time seeing the front half of Season 1, I assumed that this was being played 100% straight. I thought that we were supposed to empathize with Artemis but that, ultimately, she’d be the mole. I assumed that the conflict with her character was that she honestly did believe she could not overcome what we came to know as her family legacy. I thought that she may have a redemption arc toward the end of the season.

And she did, but it wasn’t the one I was expecting. Realizing that Artemis’s story was about healing and overcoming abuse, neglect, fear, loneliness, and abandonment at various points in her life changed my world. I was and still remain so happy for and proud of her. She found her family, and she healed the ties in her blood family that could be healed and learned to live without the toxic pressure from those that tried to ensnare her. The way I viewed fiction before Artemis - and particularly women in fiction - I fully expected her to be the mole, but she wasn’t and I am so glad she wasn’t. 


Young Superheroes of Color in Young Justice:

Kaldur'ahm - Aqualad/Artemis Crock - Artemis/Raquel Ervin - Rocket/Karen Beecher - Bumblebee/Mal Duncan - Guardian/Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle/Tye Longshadow - Apache Chief/Virgil Hawkins - Static/Eduardo Dorado Jr. - El Dorado/Asami Koizumi - Samurai


That’s a lot of good press for a traitor.

Hey! Don’t blame Blue. He’s as much of a captive of the Reach as we were. We have to set him free.

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