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Day 22 - Most Underrated Movie

You’re Next. Definitely one of the most underrated movies that came out in bigger theaters this year. It seemed to only be showing for a couple of weeks. Now I know when I first saw the trailer it looked horrible, just another piece of shit home invasion movie like the strangers, but when my roommates and I went and saw it… it was bad ass! The main girl was awesome! Also realized the director of House of the Devil and The Innkeepers is actually acting in it and most of the people there also made the V/H/S movies or acted in them. It was just very surprising how well put together it really was and I would love to see that Australian girl, Sharni Vinson, be in more horror movies and kick more ass.


If I want to make a horror film, if I show you a person who’s been shredded up, it’s pretty easy to get a horrified response. It’s not hard to horrify. It’s difficult to generate suspense, or terror or suspension of disbelief.  Karloff especially used to hate the word “horror,” because that meant just gruesome. There are many horrible things: starving children. It’s not difficult to make a horrible horror film–it’s difficult to make an elegant, terrifying suspenseful picture that keeps you on the edge of your seat because of your concern for the characters’ welfare, as well as the filmmaker’s ability to make you believe something not real is real. A fantasy picture.

John Landis, (The Film That Changed My Life by Robert K. Elder)