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In the past, I’ve felt pressured. I tried hard to conform to expectations. I felt like I was losing myself, and my uniqueness was becoming less defined. It’s best not to compare myself with other people. I pass my days solely thinking for myself. Come as you are, it will bring out your confident side  — yoona, 040317 ♡


#YoongPhroditeDay 🎉

1990. 05. 30. — is the day you when were born into this world, thank you for the last 9 years that you have spent with S💗NEs. thank you for sharing your happiness and smile with us, thank you for being the light of our lives, thank you for everything. on your 28th birthday, i can not say much but may the happiness always come to you and stay healthy, keep being Im Yoona who for the past 9 years we have known. happy birthday !