gif: xena

battle ready

Sometimes I read a post that’s “your otp could never” and all I can think is: well, you’ve clearly never seen Xena. I mean I’m sure their otp is fine and all, but come back to me when they’ve been crucified side by side, died and bridged the gap between heaven and hell to find each other again, quoted poetry by Sappho to each other and woken each other with a kiss from a magical sleep in a lesbian re-enactment of the Ring Cycle.

My favourite thing in all of Xena is when Gabrielle’s spent a whole season being a pacifist. And she’s met sort-of Jesus and he’s very much endorsed the whole not-killing-people thing and she’s really feeling pretty good about the new non-violent her.

And then the instant Xena’s in serious danger Gab picks up a sword and just fucking LAYS INTO the motherfuckers who hurt her. It’s BRUTAL. Because there’s literally nothing in the world that matters to Gabrielle more than Xena.

It’s seriously the most romantic moment in anything I’ve ever seen.