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like father , like son . 

pf and jughead parallels –> punching the table 

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idk if this is something anyone has talked about but i don’t think diana and steve had sex after they kissed

it’s fully open to interpretation and usually scenes like that are done to Imply It but i just don’t think that’s what happened here?

main reasons are

- i honestly don’t think diana would want to yet. she was curious about the male body (obviously) but it was never exactly a sexual curiosity. not to say they wouldn’t someday but i just don’t see her wanting to do that yet, not at that point 

- im not entirely sure he would have either, though this is again, open to interpretation, but from what he said in the boat, he also wanted to wait, albeit for very different reasons from her

- the time period wasn’t super open to that, like it wasn’t nearly as acceptable as now. not to say it never happened, but like, it’s still something to consider

- saying they went into the room together for that, like, they slept together (in the literal meaning) before and from diana’s look at him, i think that’s kinda what she was expecting. i don’t think that was “ok sex time steve” look, i think it was a “are you staying to sleep?” look

anyway, that’s my take on it. ive mentioned it to a few people and they agreed with me on it, so. idk if anyone else agrees but yeah. it’s not a problem if they did of course, but i just don’t think they did