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Princess Ozma

See this girl? I’d like to talk a moment about her. She is Princess Ozma, the rightful ruler of the land of Oz, introduced in the second Oz book, “The Marvelous Land of Oz” which came out in 1902 and I just finished reading yesterday.
And the reason I want to talk about her is the fact that until the end of the book she was presented as a male protagonist named Tip.

Throughout the book, Tip is the main character. Dorothy is not in this book, so the bulk of the action revolves around this boy. He makes new Oz friends, and has his own adventures, fights his own wicked witch of the North, and eventually has an adventure in the Emerald city. But at the end of the book they reveal that he wasn’t born a boy. The infant princess Ozma was taken away by the Wizard of Oz when he took over rule, since she was the rightful heir and would interfere in him ruling. He took the infant girl to the witch of the north and she transformed the baby into a boy.

This character spent their first 14 years of life as a boy, despite being born a girl, and then after those 14 years becomes princess once again and rules the land of Oz for the remainder of the series.

This book came out in 1902, and should be evidence that transgender characters are not a “new concept” HOWEVER in the rerelease of the book in the 1980’s they changed it, censoring this character change from the book. There are new authors that try to present the two characters, Ozma and Tip, as separate entities, as siblings instead of the same character, or even as love interests to each other.

GUYS. If children in 1902 could handle a transgender character, why does it become taboo less than a century later? This is the Wizard of Oz we’re talking about, still popular to this day, still getting new movies and new stories OVER A HUNDRED YEARS LATER. I think we can handle this information.

I was browsing a through a bookstore and saw this book on the making of The Wizard of Oz and on it’s popularity after being released. I saw this picture of Margaret Hamilton and Ray Bolger (The Witch and the Scarecrow) at a reunion decades later….am I sensing some real life Fiyeraba action??

Original art for MGM’S Marvelous Wizard of Oz (1975).  Pencils by “Jovial” John Buscema.  Inks by "Trailblazin’“ Tony DeZuniga.  Letters by "I Don’t Have A Cool Nickname Because I Worked Exclusively With DC” Gaspar Saladino.

I found this on eBay tonight and had to share it immediately.  And if anyone has $600 lying around, it’d make an excellent belated Christmas present for me.  Because seriously, if there’s one thing I love even more than Oz, it’s comics, and bronze age comics are my favorite era of Marvel and DC.


And thus why Tik-Tok and Jack Pumpkinhead are the best characters.

Need to watch this movie again and finish reading the books sometime…