gif: white chicks

The signs as quotes from white chicks

aries : “MOVE BITCH”

taurus : “Triple T, KA. Time to totally kick ass.”

gemini: “Ohhhh you wanna talk about mothers, its mother time”

cancer : [cries] “ I can’t even wear a short skirt and a top without looking like a fat pig”

leo: “It’s not “just” a hand bag. It’s prada”

virgo: “Someone get this jiggaboo away from me”

libra: “ Making my way downtown walking fast, faces pass and I’m home bound”

scorpio: “Your mothers ass is so hairy, it looks like Don King’s about to pop out and say “Only in America!”.

sagittarius: “What’s up money? You gotta problem ? What you looking at my ass for? No yo hold my poodle , HOLD MY POODLE”

capricorn: “ Your mothers so old that her breast milk is powdered, you breastfeed like this 😚💨 ”

aquarius: “ For the lady perhaps a salad? perhaps not

pisces: “She’s having a bitch fit!”