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This weekend at the Museum: sharks, spiders, and pterosaurs! Oh, my! Whether you consider these creatures frightful or fantastic, you can learn all about them at the Museum right now

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Have a great weekend!


what the rest of this weekend looked like:

  • nerdy excitement over finding the Oh Joy! line at Target here in Toronto (literally shrieking and scaring Ian) and getting this charming cooler bag. it kept our beer and then our groceries cold this weekend.
  • speaking of groceries, I let Ian pick donuts for us and he did not disappoint with this glazed chocolate icing croissant thing. jesus take the wheel.
  • while in Guelph for the wedding, we stayed with Ian’s twin brother Ben and his wife Kristine who we had a great time hanging out with. Ian’s favorite part of visiting B & K? Seeing Frank the cat who used to live with Ian and Ben way back when.
  • Eloise spent most of the weekend at her nana’s house but we got to see her Friday night and she showed us her nap tent, zipping herself right up and then out. I won’t lie, I was a little concerned when she bellyflopped right in there but she was fine. Turns out kids are sturdy.