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Some Warrior cats fan art. Inspired by the @warriorsredux ’s series. I like the realistic reimagining! They parallel with a lot of my own head cannons. Though I took a little creative liberty here because I just can’t imagine gentle Spottedleaf without some white on her XD.

Based on the prologue when Spottedleaf and Bluestar are looking for answers. I also put a shooting star reflected in there eyes, as a nod to the original series when Spottedleaf interprets a shooting star as the “Fire alone will save our clan” prophecy from Starclan.


Oh no I made a new OC. 🙈  
Have yourself an apprentice, Badgerclaw!

Name: Honeypaw
Clan: Shadowclan
Status: Apprentice
Appearance: A petit, pretty flame-point she-cat with large ears, blue eyes, and a small pink nose.
-An enthusiastic goody-two-shoes

-Has a good mind for facts/trivia. Would totally be a bookworm. Total know-it-all

-Can be annoyingly optimistic

-A decent hunter, but has a tendency to freeze when faced with combat

-Every cat wonders why she didn’t choose to become a medicine cat apprentice instead. If asked she dodges the question

-Secretly very insecure about her ability to be a warrior, but very desperate to prove herself. Her worry occasionally sends her into a panic. Tries to compensate for her lack of physical ability with knowledge and trivia.

Relationship with Badgerclaw:

-She doesn’t seem at all affected by his grumpiness 

-Badgerclaw is such a shitty hunter that she secretly asks fellow apprentices for hunting tips. Is already a better hunter than Badgerclaw. 

-Best buddies. Badgerclaw will quietly sit and listen to her rattle off about clan history, prey behavior, etc for hours on end. (He may or may not just be spacing out though)

-Relationship is entirely platonic, but no cat seems to believe it

-Badgerclaw has a very difficult time finding a balance between irrationally over-protective, and dangerously hands-off during training 

(Please don’t use this design. It’s mine)

Warrior cat emoji asks!

🐈: What cat do you relate to the most too?
😻: Favourite ship/s?
🌟: Favorite prophecy?
😺: If you had/have a pet cat/s, did you give it a warrior cat name?
📕: How long have you been a reader?
📚: Favorite book or series?
🐱: If you had a warrior name, what would it be?
🌿: What clan would you belong to?
🐯: Any head canons?
🏡: Favorite kittypet?
🐅: Favorite cat?
🏩: Favorite med cat?
😿: Least favorite cat?
😼: Best Villain?
🙀: Most terribly written villain?
⛺: Favorite clan?
⭐: Favorite leader?
🍃: Ever roleplayed or larped as a warrior cat?
😾: Favorite rogue?
🌈: Favorite breed and or pelt color?
💓: First warrior cat oc?
✏: If you rewrote Warriors, what would you change?
🌋: What would your tribe name be?

🐦: Favorite Tribe cat?
  • me: *looks up an insane amount of interesting environments and geographical features, researches native wildlife, spends eighteen years looking up obscure and interesting plants, learns a horrifying amount about cat genetics, all for creating my own warrior cat clans*
  • also me, unfortunately: "heres marshclan. they live in a marsh. like a regular marsh. their leader is acornstar and he's brown."