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Seven walks in the mountains

1. You go for a walk in the mountains. The GPS signal is intermittent and you have left your Kendall mintcake at home. You walk in circles for two hours until you find yourself at the edge of a silent lake in the mist, and that lake only a short scramble from the familiar path, but you never knew it until today.
2. You go for a walk in the mountains. You are eaten by a wolf. The wolf and its milkfed babies walk every day in the mountain forests for the rest of their lives, scattering your atoms across the whole range. Your ghost haunts the mountains diffusely, and the wolves have taught it how to howl.
3. Or you might walk between the mountains, in the turquoise meanders of this river or that. Things wash down from the heights from time to time, and it can be useful to be there with a net or a pan, down below the glacier where the crows gather. Stay too long and the crows will learn your name and lead you to this or that pickaxe, or the cracked brainpan of some lost beast, or a book of sodden sketches on lost architecture, asking only for your sandwiches in return.
4. Or there is that view, you know the one: from the high ridge on a clear day, a  mist-grey mountain at the end of a high valley, beyond the far mountains and the further ones. Never plan to walk there. There is always just one more ridge, one more false summit, one further scramble across an unseen chasm. And all the time the mountains are getting higher, the sky from their summits darker and spacier and starrier. I met a traveller from that unknown land who said that at the last there are peaks out there whose rocky spires bristle with snared astronauts, mummified and breathless, floating like helium balloons. Who knows where the mist-grey mountain went. It is a guide, but it is not there.
5. You run for the hills, and the hills run for you too, so that you are all caught up in a great grassy hill-hug at the foot of the mountains. The mountains look on approvingly. They think you are adorable. For ever afterwards, when you walk in their shadows only soft winds blow and the wolves are kind and distant. They guide you through tangled passes into hidden meadow-valleys so that you can play with the little baby hills before they ripple with cliffs and scree-slopes. These hills you know by name and if in trouble they say you can call them, although what they would do then remains a mystery.
6. You go walking under the mountains, in the mazy tunnels from the mines of the old city and the cellars of the older city and the tombs of the city upon whose rubble the older city was built. After some distance there is only the tombs, and then only the old smooth round tunnels that are dug by worms or water. These ones head always downwards, but so slowly, so gently that you are in the depths before you know it.
7. You stay at home, under the watchful eye of the far mountains and the further ones. At night, the mountains walk in your dreams and behind them all the mist-grey mountain at the end of the high valley. They find your dreams a little hard to navigate. The lack of GPS is disturbing to them and they have left their Kendall mintcake back in reality. They walk in circles for two hours and it is only your waking that sends them home.


Marcher Arrant walks the Cami Catala footpath Part 8. I walked this path from Barcelona to Logrono, Spain. It was a 3 week trip and I walked 600km. To see previous parts in this series go to my page titled Cami Catala Walk.  Click ‘keep reading’ to see photos from this walk.

Most people know about the big events of bullfighting and the running of the bulls in Pamplona. But many small towns and villages in Spain throw their own versions too. It was pretty interesting to stumble upon this one and watch for a bit.  

Walk or Die

I love these Stork nests which you can find all over Spain.

This is part 7 of the Paris to Spain series in which I post photos of my walk from Paris to Roncesvalles, Spain.  The trip took 1 month and I walked over 1000km (621 miles). To see previous parts in this series go to my page titled Paris to Spain. Click ‘keep reading’ to see the photos from my walk from Paris to Spain.

The white and red stripes on the tree on the left is the symbol for the GR trails which go all over Europe.

This is where people of the village used to wash their cloths.


This is part 8 of my walking Barcelona series. I am walking the entire length of every street in Barcelona. I leave my mark at least once on each street to say “I walked there.” As I walk I take photos of graffiti and other things that catch my eye. Previous parts in this series can be found at my page titled ‘Walking all Barcelona’. Click ‘keep reading’ to see photos from this walk.

This is my method.  I draw out one line, making sure that it eventually covers the entire length of each street, then I follow the line.

Workout Log 7-2-17

I woke up without my migraine, but have many postdrome symptoms. Fatigue, namely, but I have a lot of rigidity throughout my back and shoulders as well. Often, my body won’t articulate well after a migraine attack. My leg day includes back moves, so after checking the weather I decided the best course of action was to go on a nice, long walk today and go to the gym on Monday morning. I effectively “rested” yesterday so I can use Monday as an active day now. No big deal–just listening and following my gut.

No playlist today. I talked with my fiance about how awesome it would be if we could have “coffee freestyle” machines like the Coke Freestyles. You can pick between hot and iced, pick your sweetener or lack thereof, milk/sub options, any flavorings if desired. DUDE. C’MON. This has to happen soon!

Apps features in this post include: Fitbit.


Quick walk around the new neighborhood to walk me and my Pokemon. The GPS in my watch took a bit to kick in, so the route was a full loop. I’m kind of embarrassed how much my legs hurt after less than a mile, but we will start getting the loop longer again!

All the neighbors were out walking, jogging, or hanging out. It was a lot of fun!

I think I’d call today a success! After working out this morning (for the first time in over a year) I kept busy all day at work moving my office over to the newly empty office next to mine.

Upon arriving home Kevin had a delicious keto dinner ready for us of artichoke chicken, asparagus, and salad.

After dinner I passed out for about half an hour (so so tired all day) then we went for a walk around our neighborhood. 2.36 miles in just under an hour in 83% humidity.

This is about the second time in a year that I’ve hit over 10,000 steps! Now, just have to keep repeating this. It’ll only get easier from here.