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OK rec me any shows with kneeling, slaves or collars stuff. The ones I haven't giffed yet ;)

Supernatural 12x13 has Lucifer kneeling and in a collar (even though he’s a villain it’s pretty good), also Dean is kneeling in 9x02. Penny Dreadful 2x09 Dorian Gray kneels, Spartacus 2x04 chains and kneeling, The Vampire Diaries 2x14 Damon in a collar,  The 100 2x11 Bellamy in a collar, Smallville 10x19 Oliver and Clark kneel, Da Vinci’s Demons 1x01 Leonardo in a collar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3x04 Angel is in a collar and kneeling, Legends of the Seeker 1x10 Richard is in a collar, The Originals 2x05 Elijah is chained up on his knees and in The Originals 1x10 Klaus is forced to his knees.  :)

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*mom’s mode on* are you sure? it’s for the whole life! *mom’s mode off* I want one too!!! :D

I know! I keep switching on mom mode and thinking “what will people say? what if I don’t like it” then I go “BUT I WANT!!!!” 

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I want it to look like a bracelet just above my wrist. Some shading and maybe a touch of color, I’m not sure … what do you think

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Happy birthday, Mel!!! I wuw you! So glad seeing you on my dash again :D

Thank you, love. I’m only able to check my mails via my mother’s computer… mine’s still fried. So, don’t expect too much of me on your dash. :( Or, you know, nothing at all. lol. not until I get a new computer… whenever that might be. ;))


Watch these two episodes one right after the other, these two scenes in particular, if you’re in the mood to break your heart over a thief and a hitter. Parker (in The Stork Job) and Eliot (in The Big Bang Job), are both confronting their painful pasts, and it struck me how very similar the rhythms of their words are as they talk about it. There’s that same moment of hesitation, that same painful pause before they make the damning admission that they’ve looked inside themselves and hated what they saw. They think of themselves as something gone wrong, corrupted, and they feel that whatever they’ve become is a fate they wouldn’t wish on anyone else.

It’s that feeling, I think, that drives their actions for the rest of these episodes. In The Stork Job, Parker risks everything to rescue those orphans, wanting to give them even the tiniest hope that their lives would get better, that they could have the childhood she never had. And in The Big Bang Job, Eliot kills more than a dozen men, and he does it for the team, he does it for the mission, and truth be told, the others on the team are also implicitly responsible for those deaths, but he asks Nate not to tell them. He doesn’t want them to have the same blood on his hands as he does, doesn’t want them to live with the weight that he carries every day.

This is why I will forever be raving about Leverage’s perfect ending. It’s perfect for all of them, but especially for these two. Parker finds a place where she is beloved and safe, and nothing says “you’re a part of this family” more than being given the honor of leading it. And Eliot, after years of being a weapon, gets to spend the rest of his life being a shield, gets to spend his days with people who entrust their lives to his protection. Parker’s wounds are caused by others hurting her, and Eliot’s guilt is caused by the hurt he brought others, but both of them find healing and redemption in the family they’ve made.

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