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The War of 1812: or, the Revolutionary War Part 2

It’s been a while since I did a facts list, so I will jump right in:

  • The war of 1812 began on June 18, 1812, and ended December 24, 1814, with the Treaty of Ghent. However, the final battle of the war was fought on January 8, 1815, thanks to the slow trans-Atlantic crossing
  • During the War of 1812, more soldiers died of disease than were killed in battle
  • Around 3,000 American slaves escaped to the British side when the British offered them their freedom to fight for them. Some settled in Nova Scotia. Other slaves escaped during the chaos of the war. After the war, the British agreed to pay $1,204,960 to Washington to compensate slave owners.
  • Canada views the war as setting the country on the “slow path toward nationhood.”
  • some New England federalists considered seceding from the United States during a well-publicized meeting called the Hartford Convention. It didn’t end well for the federalists, and the party was entirely disgraced and died soon afterwards.