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I’m having major Ugly Betty feelings because it’s on Netflix and I may have watched seven hours of if (I’m sick) so I need to rant.
1) Betty.
Betty does not change to fit in, she doesn’t force herself to lose weight, and she doesn’t spend thousands on a new wardrobe. She’s smart, she’s independent, and she manages a balance between both her work and her personal life. Betty is a powerful figure, and a wonderful role model for Latina girls and any other WOC. Even when it’s hard, Betty maintains honesty and her integrity. She does NOT compromise her morality, and she always acts from her heart.
2) Every other women in the show.
~Wilhelmina. At first she fulfills the archetype of the tough bitch boss, but then with the writing she begins to show layers of character depth and development. The writers clearly wanted to make sure that this WOC in power was not a 2D figure. And she teaches people you can be a boss bitch and an amazing boss while not being diabolical (all the time)
~Hilda. Hilda is wonderful. She’s a supportive sister, and though she isn’t the perfect mother, she always tries hard to connect to Justin. Most importantly, she broke through her hard past and grew as a strong individual.
~Amanda. Even though she plays the “sex on legs” assistant/receptionist, the writers fleshed her character out. She has depth, even though she put up walls to make it in the tough climate of Mode.
~Christina. She’s an individual, unafraid to be her beautiful Scottish self. She’s like Betty’s fairy godmother,
like Andrea’s Stanley Tucci from the Devil Wears Prada. Christina steers Betty in the right direction without pressuring her to fit in with the Mode girls.
3) The will they-won’t they between Daniel and Betty was unresolved,
And while this is frustrating to my shipper heart, I think it’s a strong affirmation that not all relationships between a woman and a man have to be romantic. It affirms that Betty’s accomplishments were because of her capabilities, not because of Daniel. The potentially romantic dynamic was not the focus of the show, either, so it developed organically and didn’t feel forced. Their friendship was refreshing and they taught each other a lot that I think could have been compromised if they became an item.

So there. That’s why I love Ugly Betty.


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