gif: ueda


  •   19y/o guy living in SDC verse, loves polo shirts with popped collars and high waisted pants.
  • Loves Madonna, Prince, Queen, The Police, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Tears for Fears, Cyndi Lauper , A-Ha, Wham!, and the Beastie Boys.
  • His stand is FALSE ALARM. 
  • Works part-time as a conbini cashier


  • 16 during SDC, ran away from home in Japan due to conflicts with her lifestyle vs what her parents wanted, hitch hiked around the world eventually ending up in egypt (partially because she was kicking off her rockstar career)
  • Developed a stand soon after running into a large, beefy, mysterious man. He gave her a job offer, including residency in his mansion, and she accepted.
  • Left said mansion shortly before SDC crew got there because she figured something was up, and hitch hiked out of Egypt, came to the us.
  • Her career blossomed in the mid 2000s, and she hit top charts with her songs “Broken Mugs”, “Skull f*ckers”, and “I Don’t Want to Go Out With You”
  • Branched out from punk-rock to include hints of EDM in her songs after 2010
  • Is in Florida performing when P6 happens.
  • Her stand is LOVE PSALM

Yata and Fushimi’s First Encounter with the Red King in Slow Motion featuring Kamamoto Rikio


Lost Small World Stage Play