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Okay but @therealjacksepticeye’s reaction to the whole thing with Clementine getting her first menstrual cycle was EXACTLY the appropriate reaction and something I can respect. He didn’t cringe at it or make some uncomfortable comment or act like it was offensive, he just was more fascinated by the fact that “oh yeah that’s something important that she should know about”. My dad was that way with me when I started at that age and so that warmed me really… I mean I know there are guys out there that are respectful of it, but just having Jack be that calm about it when I’ve also seen some pretty asshole and disgusting reactions from guys before… Idk it made me smile and reinstalled in me one of the reasons WHY I follow Jack and watch his stuff. Because he’s a good dude who screams and calls everyone a harry bitch but he’s also rather mature and open when it’s needed… I like that. It’s the little things for me, dude.

  • Me (as Javi): *tries to make it clear I am not into Kate, goes out of my way to be CRYSTAL CLEAR I am uninterested in her*
  • Kate: Do you like me?
  • Me: No
  • Kate, rolling on the floor with tears streaming down her face: YOU FUCKER YOU LED ME ON I HATE YOU