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Kol Mikaelson: Are you offering?

Words count: 1166

Warning: Kissing, blood-sharing, mention of sex?

Summery: You are kidnapped, Kol comes to the rescue and then some interesting things happen. (NOT MY BEST DESCRIPTION)

Dating an original comes with its burdens and hardships. You knew that. Dating Kol Mikaelson comes with even more danger, Kol is compulsive and piss a lot of people off. Being one (if not only) of his weaknesses, made you an instant target, but as time went on you always knew that Kol will come for you no matter how long it took him he always comes for you. If he was ever daggered someone from his family got you.

So when you were kidnapped you were pissed, scared but you knew that you’ll be free soon enough. Especially that the stupid vampire took you while you were on your way to see Kol for a date night. You’re sure that when you didn’t show up Kol knew something must have happened, and with your phone ringing in the corner it was only a matter of hours maybe even minutes until Kol comes.

“You know it’s a big mistake, right?” You asked the blonde vampire in front of you.

“How is that puppet?” You cringed at the name he gave you.

“A lot have tried to lure Kol out and do just as you have done, and all have failed.” You informed him, even though you know he knew that already. “What makes you think you’re different?”

“I have a few witches on my side.” He smirked and walked closer to where you were tied to a chair, the robes holding you were laced with Vervain making your skin burn and sizzle.

“As if that’s gonna help.” You smirk just to piss him off, you wanted to get under his skin and make his last hours like hell.

“Well it’s going to and, when he comes my witches will kill him.” The stupidest vampire alive said.

“God! You really are dumb, you need to get your brain checked. In all my year as a vampire I have never met a more retarded vampire than you are.” You told him, you can tell he was getting angrier as you talked. “I thought us vampires got smarter as the years went by, but I guess not all of us do.”

“Well you shut up!” He shouted at me and glared. I only smirked and he moved in even closer to me, suddenly his face cleared and he was the one smirking. “You are such a beautiful thing, I know why Kol keeps you close, but I think it’s unfair that he doesn’t share, so what do you say? Are you up to some fun?”

You jerked away from him as his hand got closed to your face by the second. “GET. AWAY. FROM. ME.” You seethed out each word, you were furious.

“Now why would I do such thing?” Just as he said that the door was slammed open and Kol stood in the door way with blood on his hands, mouth, everywhere really.

“Because she said so.” Kol said and vamp speeded to the stunt vampire and in one move his heart was on the floor, and his body joined soon after. “Now darling.” Kol turned to you and smiled. “Why do you always get yourself in such difficult situations?”

“Well you are the reason I am in danger, in the first place.” You told him as he ripped the robs off, his hands burning for a second, you sighed in relief the pain was getting on your nerve.

“I guess I have to keep you in my sight 24/7 then.” Kol smirked at you while you rubbed your sore hands.

“I guess you have, but first I need blood to hear.” You told Kol, as you took longer than usual to heal. “So are you offering?” Blood-sharing is such intimate thing, but and Kol have done it before.

“You know I always am, but let’s go to our place first.” Kol said smiling down at you, since he was taller. “Here I’ll carry you.”

“I can walk just fine.” You told him but wrapped your hand around his neck none the less, you can never say no to being close to him.

“I know, but I love holding you.” You nuzzled his neck and sighed, feeling safe in his arms. It took you Kol a few minutes to get to your rented flat in Italy, where you two were spending a holiday away from his family, it was supposed to be drama free but there’s no thing as drama free time when you’re a Mikaelson or living with one. Kol sat you down on the bed gently, and vamp speeded to the bathroom to wipe all the blood off. You took off your leather jacket and throw it on the floor and leaned on the headboard. Waiting for Kol to return and he soon did.

“Now well you feed me.” You asked your handsome boyfriend.

“Now I will do more than that.” Kol said and sat next to your legs, but still very close to your face, his legs were on the floor. Kol slowly rolling up his sleeves. He raised his wrist to your mouth and your eyes turned red with vines around them and fangs came out, you bite into his wrist and moaned as the irony substance hit your tongue. You held his write with both your hand and bite harder, Kol groaned in pleasure.

“That’s darling.” He whispered his voice raspy. Kol’s hands wrapped in your hair and pulled you away from his wrist only to crash his lips to yours into a hungry kiss. You moaned and titled your head to the side to deepen the kiss, your hands ran up and down his chest slowly feeling his muscles under his shirt. Kol had one hand in your hair while the other was on your thigh.

Kol nipped at your bottom lip and you opened your mouth slightly, only for his tongue to pass your lips and massage your own. You pulled away to take a deep breath but Kol didn’t stop his mouth moved to your neck, he sucked and kissed and bite at your neck then moved to your sweet spot, and sank his fangs there only for you to throw your head back and for you to let out a loud moan. Kol sucked your blood, the feeling of the blood leaving your body gave you a pleasurable tingle all over your body, it was one of the best feelings you have ever felt.

“Kol.” You moaned his name and you hand move to his shirt, and you ripped his shirt open, literally. Kol pulled back and you moved his face back to yours just for your lips to meet again. “I” kiss. “Love.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. You felt him smile against your lips.

“I love you too darling, but now is time for you to lose everything you’re wearing.” With that you spent the rest of the night and part of the next morning, making love and showing each other just how much you loved each other.