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LoS answers, spoilers

thewildhuntt said:Hello Cassie! I just wanted to say I love your books and they’ve helped me a lot. My question is : Due to the death of Robert, will Emma’s exile and its terms still work out?

Alas, no. But you’re not too surprised about that, are you? ;)

opheliathefluffyunicorn said: Will Sebastian be mentioned in The Wicked Powers ? 👀

He’ll be mentioned even sooner.

fashionablepenguin07 said: HI Cassie! I just wanted to let you know how much Dru means to me. She’s the first fictional character that I ever felt like I’ve been able to relate to and I am so thankful that you gave her to us. I was wondering how large of a role is she going to play in QoAaD? (Also TWP if you can tell)

In QoAAD Dru is a secondary character, which means she has her own arc and storyline but drives a different set of narrative choices than say, Julian or Emma. (There’s nothing wrong with being a secondary character, though I often see it described as if it is a terrible injury done to a character! Protagonists are not more important or better than secondary characters, they simply serve a different purpose.) Dru is one of the protagonists of TWP and you’ll see a great deal of her there! She also has some fun stuff to do with Kit and Ty in QuAAD.

amberblackthorn said:will we get jem’s POV as a silent brother in the upcoming short story series?

Of course!

Magisterium-y questions

silverstormywolf said:Hi! I just wanted to ask if the Shadowhunters and Magisterium series happen in the same world? Because in part of Lord of Shadows, when Livvy, Ty and Kit are spying on Zara, they see the inscription ‘Fire wants to burn’ which was from the saying in the Magisterium. Also, I love your books!

Thank you! I think of it as open to reader interpretation. Could they exist in the same world? If you want to think so, then yes! If you just want to think of it as an easter egg from me to you, that’s ok too. Or maybe Zara is a big Magisterium fan and she carved the Cinquain into the desk. ;)

akward-homo-sapien said: I love all your series but I was wondering if the topic of Constantine Madden’s soul being in Callum Hunt’s body is ever going to be fully discussed in the next book of the Magisterium series. Will Call regain Con’s memories? I’m really interested in internal and external struggles so I’m excited for your next and last book The Enemy of Death!!! Good luck out there!

Actually, the title of the last book is The Golden Tower! Holly and I think of the story of Magisterium as being about, among other things, what it means to be a person, to have a soul, to have a destiny. If Constantine’s soul is in Call’s body, isn’t Call still Call — a different person? Can he change his future or is he doomed to live Constantine’s life again? I can’t say what happens in The Golden Tower but I can say that those questions are answered as fully as we can answer them.

angelicsnowdoll said:Does Jasper from the Magisterium series have any brothers or sisters?

I think Jasper is a poster child for only child syndrome. :D

  • people: shadowhunters is an immature show
  • me:
  • me: 5/8 main characters are non stereotyped ethnicities, lots of lgbtq+ characters, healthy relationship between a gay man and a bi man, minorities in positions of power, highlights issues like drug abuse and child abuse, shows how parents' views effect their children, characters from different religions

isabelle lightwood:hearts are breakable and i think even when you heal you are never what you were before.”

clarissa fairchild:heroes aren’t always the ones who win. they’re the ones who lose, sometimes. but they keep fighting, they keep coming back. they don’t give up. that’s what makes them heroes.”

maia roberts:strength is loyalty and unity, not dividing people with lies.”

tsc books summed up (spoilers duh)
  • -tmi-
  • city of bones: what the fuck??? hot guy with tattoos??? my best friend is a rat??? mOm
  • city of ashes: family problems. umbridge 2.0 turns out to not be so bad. it's almost like the universe has something against simon lewis being human
  • city of glass: if you thought family problems were bad in the last book, oh boy you have another thing coming. actual incest happens compared to the previous incest-that-wasn't-incest. everyone is an asshole at some point except maybe baby max and yknow what happens to him
  • city of fallen angels: guESS WHOS BACK BACK BACK BACK AGAIN
  • city of lost souls: we can't even focus on the fact that clace is now happily incest-free because of what the shit going down. alec is insecure but we love him. poor amatis. alec becomes a hero yay
  • city of heavenly fire: a lot of people die. we get vague tid references and we meet mini emma and jules before the parabaDRAMA goes down. people walk in on other people doing things. we visit hell for a family vacation.
  • -tid-
  • ca: "i would literally rather be reading than doing any of this"
  • clockwork prince: more family problems also im crying and wow these parabatai are both gorgeous
  • clockwork princess: ducks and demon pox. lots of feels. tessa kicks ass.
  • -tda-
  • lady midnight: i swear that these kids were like 12 what happened why did they grow up and why are they so much cooler than me?? cristina is awesome and malcolm is not. we meet the angel that is kit. this is the book where people still thought Diana was irrelevant lmao joke's on them
  • lord of shadows: HI I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS??? WHY IS MY HEART BEING RIPPPPED OUT OF MY CHEST IM CRYING LIKE EVERY OTHER PAGE except kitty that's cute. asH (morgenstern)? it's a really big damn book
  • qoaad: not even out yet but we're all probably going to die. but is clary?
  • -bonus-
  • tftsa: hi im Simon Lewis and im cool but i don't remember being cool anyways let's hear about waywood that shit is sad
  • the bane chronicles: glitter 💫 and a long line of people who aren't as cool as alec up till we meet alec. shadowhunters suck
  • tlh: we are all going to die wtf is happening with the family trEE?
  • codex: dictionary that you actually enjoy reading
  • twp: (chant this) KITTY KITTY KITTY (sing this) aaaaand a plus sized drusilla blackthorn with her own!! friend group!! yeS!!!
QoAaD probably:
  • Cristina: So where did Isabelle go?
  • Simon: Oh, I think she said she wanted to make something for the kids to eat- *realisation strucks in* OH NO!
  • Dru: Oh no what?
  • Simon: Get the kids and get out, call Alec or Jace if possible.
  • Diego: Why though? What is happenng?
  • Emma: *remembers what Clary has told her about Izzy* OH NO!
  • Cristina: Oh no what again???!
  • Emma: We need to stop her before Julian gets to her.
  • Simon and Diego: Why?
  • Emma: He loves his kitchen more tha-
  • Julian: *from the distance* BY THE ANGEL!! MAAAAAAARK WAS IT YOU AGAIN???
  • Cristna: OH NO.
  • Emma: We better hide Mark first!
  • All: *hear Mark screaming*
  • Dru: OH NO!
  • Kit: *enters room, looking sick*
  • ALL: OH NO!!!