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I just read your story about meeting Jeremy. Amazing, simply ah-may-zing. I love that man to death and when I read stories of him getting all protective of his fans and ignoring the scummy low-life autograph hunters it makes me so ridiculously proud of him and proud of being his fan coz he is SO GENUINE. I'm so happy you got to meet him! :o)

THANK YOU SO MUCH AAHH! :D srsly the amount of love i have for him increased about 500% since last night. he really took me by surprise, being so protective and such and as you said: it makes all of us love him even more!

i think all of his fans should Be proud of what He achieved and how He is as a person (FUCKING GREAT AND I JUST WANNA THANK HIM ALL OVER AGAIN!) i don’t even know how some people can hate that man.


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omg mine finished downloading this afternoon and i am gearing up to watch it after masterchef tbh

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((( HUGS ))) If it’s any consolation my torrent is only at 41% and it’s probably not going to finish anytime soon so I won’t get to watch it tonight like I was hoping. I NEED MORE HAWKEYE

I miss them aaaaaaaall. ;____; I ended up buying useless (but adorable!) Avengers keychains from Manifest today because I’m having horrendous withdrawals.


just a real quick thank you video for Carina!

you can check out her blog here for awesome-ness and Ren-tastic posts!