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— i tried to imagine a life without you in it,

       a life without you

            but i just couldn’t imagine what it would be like.


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Thomas didn’t even know how he had ended up in your area, but he was just trying to find some tools for Newt. He was still trying to adjust to his new environment. The both of you froze, and you could see him looking you up and down before he quickly looked away. Rolling your eyes, you pulled your shirt over your head and asked, “Well, are you just going to stand here all day?” 

“N-no.” Thomas stammered, avoiding eye contact. “Sorry, y/n.”

“Whatever, greenie.” you snickered, walking past him and winking, and Thomas blushed.


The Maze Runner High School AU:

Minho had gone with Sonya, as a friend, because Newt hadn’t wanted to go at all when Minho had asked him. Line a true punk-kid, he didn’t buy into the capitalist agenda that was prom, and he thought that neither should Minho. But they weren’t of the same coin, and Minho wanted the full “high school experience”, prom and all. It had been worse than he’d expected, especially since his boyfriend hadn’t been there to comment on the fact. In the end, Minho had left before the punch had even been spiked. Made some lame excuse to Sonya, and then found himself walking towards Newt’s. He thought that maybe if he was lucky, Newt would agree to slow-dance on the porch.

Newt hadn’t been jealous when Minho had told him he’d be going with Sonya to prom. Prom, in Newt’s opinion, wasn’t worth it. And since he was broke as it was, it was even less worth it. But he had wanted Minho to ditch the whole thing too, to spend the night with Newt, laughing about the fact that everyone else was at the stupid dance. So when Minho shows up after what can’t even be half an hour after the school has opened the doors for the evening, announcing how shit it was,  Newt’s in a mocking mood. Minho rolls his eyes and agrees that he was right, and then he gets all sappy and says he wanted to have been there with Newt. At least he knows how to get into Newt’s good graces, and Newt must admit that on the plus side: Minho looks dashing in a suit.

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