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When mentioning injustices in the shadowhunter universe, why does no one ever mention Ithuriel?
He must have been the angel with worst luck, poor thing.
Imprisoned by Mortmain to protect Tessa’s life, then imprisoned and tortured by Valentine to create Jace’s and Clary’s lives. Tortured to the point he decided the best choice was to kill himself. An Angel.
A moment of silence for Cassandra Clare’s Ithuriel.


Hello everyone!
I have been working on this video for the past 3 weeks or so ( slowy but surely!) and I think it turned out pretty good, stepping out of my confort zone of doing trailers and stuff!
Would love to hear your opinion!
Stay Awesome!

poor parents

no jonathan+christopher we know about ever wanted to be called that, is like the worst name ever. like:

jace: I’m jonathan christopher but please call me jace.

sebastian: I’m also jonathan christopher but if you call me any other then sebastian i'ma kill you. (I'ma probably going to kill you anyway but it will be extra painful).

kit: well I’m christopher jonathan but you know what? just call me kit instead.

Is Guy in Suit x Guy in T-shirt and Cargo Shorts a thing in Porn?

I just saw two really hot guys walk down the street dressed like that and I was like… omg.

I mean, I know that dressed guy x naked guy is like a micro-fetish, and I’m pretty into that, tbph, but yeah. Not sure about formal x casual, and definitely not sure how to go about looking that up.

Okay? But why are we all pretending that the Downworld Cabinet is gonna be all serious and stuff? I mean have you seen the members? They are all like a perfect mix of salty and sassy?

Like I agree the meetings will start all professional and shit. But gradually they will turn into the real housewIves of downworld™

• Raphael and his continuous shade at Malec and their (un)successful attempts at “being professionals”

• Meliorn and his inability to differentiate between shadowhunters, also, imagine if you will Meliorn letting it slip that he would love to have a threesome with Jace and Izzy and Alec is like ????

• Magnus getting back at Raphael with jabs about his bingo nights and a certain incident which involved glitter, single ladies and feather boa

• no one except those two know the truth

• Alec saltiness™ Lightwood being down with their shit but grudingly sitting and rolling his eyes evry few seconds

• Luke and his continually ringing phone
“Who is that?” “New GF?”
And he’s like “no my new partner, she’s a lesbian”
“Then you dont have a chance, sorry.”

• downworlder gossip, they come sit down and discuss which couple broke up, who hooked up with whom, who’s getting married and which vamp ran away with a shadowhunter

• one seelie saw Jace and Maia hookup and it creates literal havoc when Meliorn gleefully tells the council

• Alec is done and has serious words with Jace

• Raphael and story of why Magnus is banned from some places

• all four of them try and get Alec to like the music of 70s/80s

• Luke telling embarrassing stories of valentine
“He really got so drunk that he stripped on wannabe?”
“Our main villain everybody”

The legendary Lost Herondale,” said Magnus. “You know, I was starting to think that was a rumor Catarina made up, like the Loch Ness Monster or the Bermuda Triangle.”
“Catarina made up the Bermuda Triangle?” said Alec.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Alexander. That was Ragnor.
—  Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, Lord of Shadows