gif: tim lincecum


@this-day-in-baseball brought back such great memories today of a man who was once the most dominant pitcher in the world. It’s such a shame to see such a great talent succumb to both injury and age. Tim Lincecum will forever be my favorite athlete for making baseball fun again. This man, in my opinion, should have a place in Cooperstown one day, not for the Cy Young Awards, or the World Series rings, or the no-hitters, but because for the years he was at his best, he was the best pitcher in the world. I hope with all of my heart that we can see Tim Lincecum back in the MLB one day. He’ll never be what he once was, but just to see him pitching puts a smile on my face, because all the way back in 2007, Tim Lincecum made baseball fun again. 

Wow, I’d forgotten about that huge fight between Bonds and Kent down in San Diego in 2002.

Also, they’re talking about Timmy’s first no no and how many pitches he threw and all I can remember is being at Raley Field because Zito was rehabbing and Fresno was in town and Nancy looking at her phone and saying “Oh my God, he’s sending Timmy back out? His pitch count…oh fuck he’s got a no hitter going!”  Tim finished it during the River Cats firework show and it was actually pretty awesome.