gif: thelosers

I’m normally not very emotional, or rather I’m pretty good at controlling my emotions I guess I should say. However I was out with some friends earlier and I was listening to the IT soundtrack while hiking. (It was dark, seemed appropriate) Except for my shuffle decided to fuck me and play “Blood Oath” and something clicked and I have to disappear behind some trees while I tried to control the tears streaming down my face lol.

The Losers - Ante Up

Written by Andy Diggle. Art from Jock.

‘The Losers’ is a super-stylised action movie captured in paperback (funnily enough it was actually made into a really great action movie some in 2010, check it out). A great deal of this gritty, vibrant style can be accredited to the expressive art of Jock, while the upbeat writing of Andy Diggle keeps the violent yet noble characters likeable. This first volume of the ongoing series introduces a group of black ops foot soldiers - betrayed, framed and assumed dead - out for payback on the men who did them wrong. For a story which hinges on strategy, betrayal and war profiteering, 'The Losers - Ante Up’ is a surprisingly light read. A fun interpretation of a shadowy world.


The Losers„,Don’t Stop Believing Journey

Definitely a highlight of the film