gif: the thousandth man


Some cast pictures for upcoming drama The Thousandth Man. The drama is about a gumiho who needs to eat the liver of 1,000 men to become human. Only she hits a snag when she falls in love with the thousandth one.

Hmm…not so sure why Lee Chun Hee is in the period clothing and Kang Ye Won isn’t, but I’m just going to roll with it. For now.

This drama premieres next month and will have a total of 8 episodes!

Random Thoughts: The Thousandth Man

**The following post contains spoilers, do not read if you haven’t finished this AMAZING k-drama!**

AHHHH! I JUST finished The Thousandth Man and I felt like I was going to DIIIIIIIE!! I’ve never loved the female lead as much as I did in this k-drama. And I’ve never bawled so hard in my life either! Like, I cry in k-dramas (it’s inevitable sooner or later), but I’ve never BAWLED.

During this scene, I was crying way louder than Mi-Jin. It was SO heartbreaking! And what he said was so true! Can you not imagine Mi-Jin’s entire world collapsing upon hearing that?!

ES: If you loved one of those men that died for you, would you have let him die? If you really loved him, you wouldn’t let him die like that.

MJ: Wouldn’t let him die? 

ES: If I were you, I couldn’t have asked for your liver. If you died because of me, it would be my death.

Thinking back to EVERY SINGLE MAN that she thought she loved, but realizing that she never did love them. Yes, they loved her enough to die for her, but had she truly loved them, she would not have been able to accept it. 

And while I was bawling on my bed, that line killed me even more and made me cry even HARDER T________T

And after ALL that, he keeps on insisting on giving her his liver! Why?! Because he loves her so much that he’d rather die and let her live so she can finally find someone that she actually loves! 


You know she doesn’t love you, and so you’re going to die (yes, I know you’re dying anyway) so that she can love another man?! WHAT?! Probably the stupidest but most romantic thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life!!!!! Where can I find myself an Eun-Seok???

And so obviously, poor Mi-Jin (with her happy little bubble now completely shattered) runs out refusing to acknowledge that while she had thought she was being a “good person” by only taking livers from willing men who loved her, she was more of a monster because she took them without ever realizing how much they loved her.

And the ending? BEST ENDING EVER! You can’t finish this series properly without something like this. As gut-wrenching as it was, because it was so freakin’ painful, it’ll be engraved in my mind for soooo much longer. (I actually cried out for Mi-Jin. No joke, never felt so attached to a female lead before in my life. The crystal thing was a little nasty… but I get the significance of it.) This is probably the best romcom/melodrama that I’ve EVER watched from k-dramaland. For that, I am thankful.