gif: the spirit

Michael After Midnight: The Spirit

“That’s damn weird.”

It’s pretty rare a character in your movie accurately sums up the whole film, but hey, it’s pretty rare to see anything as nuts as The Spirit, the first official directorial outing of comic book legend and all-around loony Frank Miller. Frank Miller is best known for The Dark Knight Returns, a comic that, along with Watchmen, helped usher in the Dark Age of Comics in the 90s, which was filled with gritty, violent anti-heroes and more wangst than an Evanescence/Linkin Park double concert. And much like Alan Moore, he went absolutely batshit insane with age, but instead of creating Harry Potter Dick Lightning and pretentious crossover granny porn, he made a disgustingly Islamophobic Batman-ripoff and All-Star Batman and Robin, a widely reviled comic series where everyone is out of character.

The perfect man to direct The Spirit! Ok, it’s not totally fair of me to say that; I know next to nothing about the comic strip this is based on, and hey, Miller is usually entertaining even when he’s nuts… the question is, is his nuttiness entertaining here? Let’s look at the story and see:

Denny Colt is a rookie cop in Central City who came back from the dead as The Spirit. He fights crime and shit. His archenemy, the Octopus, is out to get the Blood of Heracles, something that will make him immortal. Unfortunately, a villainess named Sand Saref gets the Blood, mistaking it for another artifact. Now Octopus is looking to trade, but The Spirit ain’t having that shit, and so is off to stop these two criminal scumbags. Can he do it?

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