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“You want to know something, Ponyboy? I’m scared stiff. I used to talk about killing myself…I don’t want to die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t long enough.” -Johnny Cade

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The Gang All Grown Up Headcanons


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeee 37. 

-found himself a really nice girl and settled down

-he had 5 children

-yES i said that correctly, 5

-4 girls and 1 boy

-Jade, Emily, Cameron, Regina, and Alexander

-And he is just so much happier and is always smiling

-He has a steady job as an accountant

-And is married to a middle-class, brown lady, who neither classifies as a soc nor greaser


-gets drafted and dies doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeee 25

-he still works at the DX, but in a higher position

-has a fiancée

-she is also a middle-class girl

-when asking her to marry him, he told her that she would be marrying Steve in a way also but that’s okay because one day’s Steve will have his own girl and they will all be a happy, messed up family

-he still has a good relationship with his two brothers

-he and his girl babysit for Darry a lot

-still the same giddy boy he was when he was 16


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeeeeee 21

-isn’t dating anyone at the moment

-goes out drinking a lot but doesn’t abuse it

-he is in community college and saving up money to transition to real one

-he is so dang close and just giddy with excitement

-he tutors kids and works at camps 

-has his own little apartment and it is very comfy and cozy in there

-he still reads a ton

-he always loves to hang out with the gang and still remains close with them

-has met up a few times with Cherry, but it was totally platonic

-although Cherry has a little crush on Ponyboy now, she would never admit it



-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-one day a very old man sees him get beat up by socs

-turns out, that very old man knows karate, so he teaches him to fight for himself 

-it starts out slow, but then he sees what he needs to do in order to be a real karate kid

-ends up winning money at competitions and gets a scholarship to college for his supreme karate skills

-finds a really nice, talkative, and quirky girl at college just basically think of Jessica day from new girl

-falls in love with her

-it is the happiest time of his life


-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeeeeee 26

-stays at Ponyboy’s apartment sometimes, Johnny’s sometimes, Sodapop’s sometimes, he is just moving from place to place

-becomes more content with his life

-isn’t even bothering with girls anymore tbh

-the last time he saw his dad he punched him hard in the face 

-works as a bartender and is currently saving up money so he can buy his own apartment

-honestly, has had one night stands with both boys and girls

-eats more ice cream, exercise, and laughs a little more these days

-whenever he passes a police car he screams out of his car window, “FUCK YOU, PIGS!”

-I mean, he’s still Dallas Winston


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeee 23

-is still living at home because he needs to help his mom look over his baby sister

-really wants to be a comedian one day 

-spoiler alert: he becomes one

-but now he is working at the town’s local diner

-a lot of sleepless nights

-and a lot of crying

-but things get so much better, I promise

-his name is going to be known for hundreds of people and he would be throwing sold out comedy shows

-he is getting more opinionated for human rights now more then ever these days


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeee 25

-does not work at the DX anymore

-just got out of college with loads of student debt

-but let’s be honest, still has a really sick car

-he is a  junior high teacher

-the kid’s favorite of course

-he just really seems to get along with children

-and he treats all of them fairly, no matter their background

-is still inseparable with Sodapop

-he is really content with his life

-oh and yeah,,, he still loves cars don’t even try to fight me on that

Dally adopting a gitl who has been abused Headcanon

* Dally is 35 in this Headcanon because I don’t think he would want kids when he is 20"

* also Johnny is still alive and sodapop never went to war ( don’t hate me) *

requested by @gemini-winchester

- He felt like he was too lonely by himself since he is 35

- he adopted a 12 year old girl who used to be abused

- when the people talked about you to him he knew he wanted to give you the love he never had

- Sometimes whenever he yells you’ll flinch out of instinct

- when he sees you cry he’ll give you a big bear hug

- one time you told him a story about how you got one of your scars from your old dad

- not gonna lie he cried

- he relized that you were kinda like him and he swore to always protect you with his life and love you with all his heart

- when you got older maybe about 15 he told you about his life in New York

- One day you got to meet the rest of the gang and they instantly swore to protect you also

- he likes to buy you things but he doesn’t spoil you

- one day Dally meets a really nice girl and they start going out

- you were a little uneasy at first but after a while you were okay with calling her mom

- Pony likes to buy you books since you like to read too


- Dally will not allow it. He doesn’t want you following in his footsteps

- when you hang out with friends you best better believe there will be a ton of questions

- He likes taking you to the drive in a lot

- whenever he’s busy you will stay with Johnny or Ponyboy

- when you get married Dally is crying his eye’s out

- don’t even get me started on the father daughter dance

- He holds you so tight as if he’s afraid you’ll fall and break

- “look at you my baby, all grown up”

- he starts crying and you wipe away his tears

- “I love you so much dad”

- he moves your hair to the side and gives you a kiss on your forehead

- at the end of the day it’s nothing but laughter and happy tears

- and his present to you was every picture that yall have taken over the years

Note: im so sorry I couldn’t do an imagine I was a little busy and I could only get this done. But I hope you like it❤

Dally x Reader: Since I've Been Loving You

Summary: You’ve been partying with Dally and the gang at the Curtis’ house all night, goofing off and drinking, having a great time together. Finally, it’s just you and Dally left. The two of you are drunk and just hanging out together, not wanting the night to end. Will your feelings toward him affect how the night ends? (Warning: Underage drinking, with eventual smut coming up in the next part!)

A/N: Alright, y’all—I was in the mood to write some type of Dally fic, and this one just came to me when I saw THE INCREDIBLE GIF BELOW. (IT’S KILLING ME!!!!) Then, I wanted to mix “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin into it. I hope I did it justice, it’s one of my all-time favorite Zeppelin songs! I also hope that you like this fic. Part 2 will definitely be coming soon!!!! Any feedback means the world to me, and requests for imagines/fics/ships are open! ♡

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bitchy-ginger  asked:

hello again doll!! I was wondering if I could get an hc or imagine for going to like a trampoline park with the gang?? Johnny/ Dally love interests? I just need to take stuff off my mind with your awesome stuff thanks, man

- Darry does a lot of flips and tricks

- Steve tries to do the tricks too

- but he highkey hits his head

- they have a contest on who can jump the highest

- Johnny won!

- Ponyboy falls down a lot

- but he always exclaims that he’s fine

- Sodapop gets super hyper because he ate a lot of candy beforehand

- so like eventually he crashes and has a pretty bad headache

- Dallas didn’t really expect to have too much fun

- but he probably had the most fun out of the gang

- Two-Bit pretends to lose control mid-air practically the entire time

- he “falls” on top of girls

- overall they had a great time!

Also could you clarify about Johnny/Dally love interests please? Sorry if I’m just being dumb about this…


“betty i brought you cupcakes and candies. i didn’t even eat any on the way. ok maybe one. or two. are you proud look betty. A+ boyfriend material. these cookies aren’t as sweet as you though. hey. hey betty. i bet our baby shower is gonna be better than this one. no blossoms ok. or your mom. ok your mom. lets kiss and hug some more betty. i like those. betty.”

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Can you do a reaction of the gang when they find you dancing to music such as Thriller by Micheal Jackson or It's Tricky by D.M.C? 😂

Okay! 👍💃

Sodapop: He would totally jump in and dance with you. He would probably know all the dance moves to thriller tbh

Ponyboy: He would blush and think it’s cute that you like to dance. He would join you in dancing but he’d be so shy about it.

Darry: He would chuckle and think it’s cute too. You would even get him to do a few moves with you

Johnny: He would watch you for a minute before you even saw him. He’d dance a little with you because he really admires your fun spirit.

Two-Bit: He would totally laugh and have fun with you. He’d make his own dance moves up and spin you around and have a lot of fun with you.

Dallas: I feel like he would really have no reaction. He probably just walk right past you.

Steve: He would definitely laugh at you. He would dance with you for like ten seconds, then get fed up because he wasn’t doing the moves right.

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the gang seeing you all dressed up for the first time

(At first, I thought it said: “The gang getting you all dressed up for the first time” and omg, could you imagine? Like Sodapop is doin’ your nails while the other boys are looking through your closet to see what outfit you should wear.) anywAY

- Everyone’s jaw drops, like everyone. Their heads turn and they all stop to stare at you.

- Steve breaks the silence by WHISTLING at you like “Damn!” and Two-bit starts right after by hollering flirtatious things at you like, “Hey, baby, lookin’ good! I bet you’d look even better in my arms, huh??”

- Ponyboy’s face is beet red and he literally can’t look away. There’s so many things he wants to tell you. He’s already thinking of cheesy love poems to write you and how he honestly believes he found his ‘one true love.’

- Dallas is a sucker for girls being all dressed up so as soon as you stepped out, the cigarette he was about to light falls out his mouth and his eyes widen. He’s like,,, so stunned. Abort mission, he is a horndog, he’s going to follow you all night long and use every smooth line in the book to get a knockout like you. 

- Darry’s become light pink and he’s so speechless. He clears his throat and tries his best to look away but he kEEPS LOOKING OVER, HE CAN’T HELP IT. He wants to tell you how stunning you look in the most gentlemanly terms but he just can’t pull himself together.

- Johnny cannot keep his wide eyes off of you, he’s looking at you up and down and he just wants to smack himself because he can’t help it. He stutters and stumbles over his words when attempting to compliment your appearance. His mind is screaming “Wow

- Soda dead ass makes a move on you the first few seconds you step out. He literally slides over and leans against the wall in a suggestive and flirtatious manner and says the cheesiest fucking pick-up you’ve ever heard.

- Steve and Soda compete each other for you due to bro-code and Johnny is the next to try and make a move and he’s so nervous, he’s trying his best.