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Modern Love Lessons from Mindy and Danny
We can’t even begin to express how thrilled and relieved we are that Hulu saved “The Mindy Project.” Our lives just wouldn’t be the same without Mindy’s adorable brand of...

Love this article! Much of which we already know and believe, but it is still a joy to know that some people in the entertainment industry love it as much as we do.


Her ability to accept his honesty is probably why he couldn’t resist hopping a plane to declare his love to Mindy’s parents.

He might not be into marriage, but he’s SO into Mindy. 

 They know every ugly wart and annoying habit of the other and still want to jump each other’s bones,

Even before they were dating, Mindy and Danny mastered that special, shared look that makes the rest of the world melt away.

Even though Mindy and Danny may not seem like a fairytale couple, we think their relationship is exactly the stuff that leads to “happily ever after.”


Yes, ‘The Mindy Project’ has been cancelled — but it may live on at Hulu 

Entertainment Weekly reported the sad news yesterday ahead of next week’s upfronts. It appears the decision was made early to give Hulu a crack at picking it up for a fourth season — which seems very possible at this time. And don’t you worry about Mindy, per her Instagram post, she’s doing just fine.