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According to TVInsider, The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar is set to guest star in Hulu’s fourth season of The Mindy Project as a prospective husband to Mindy Kaling’s titular character.

Nayyar will play Sendhil, a successful hedge fund manager that Mindy’s parents (the recently cast Ajay Mehta and Sakina Jaffrey) think would make an ideal spouse for their daughter.  

It was previously announced that the first episode will explore what Mindy’s life would be like if she wasn’t with Danny, but married to another man (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt); Freida Pinto has been cast as a version of herself that Chris Messina’s Danny is dating in an alternate reality.

…you wouldn’t like me if I became a different person. You wouldn’t like me.


I’ve been watching some mid-to-late Season 3 episodes this evening and I’ve been thinking about what we know so far about Season 4. 

More than anything, I think I’d like the hints of conflict that have spilled so far about these early season 4 episodes to be purposeful, and call back to the end of Season 2 when these two people had love for each other but no idea how to turn that into a life together. 

It was really important for Season 3 to tackle the relationship becoming stable and how that’s still a fun and funny place to be with someone once the chase is over. Now though I’m really longing for them to have a look at what it’s like to have dreams diverge and have to work at remembering how the two of them became best friends, and that the love isn’t dependent on an issue like marriage or shared parenthood. 

I think getting back to the core of why they like each other, and how that made their love strong, would be a great way to bring them around to each other’s point of view. It makes it possible for Mindy to remember she’s here for the person she loves, and marriage is not a prize unto itself. And it could remind Danny that the hurt from an old life doesn’t define marriage now, when he’s facing it with his best friend by his side. 

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I think Danny needs to think about the end of season 2 to remember life without Mindy and how miserable he was. He needs to use that as motivation to work at their relationship if they ever do get married, because that Danny would probably be ecstatic to learn he got another chance and are now having a baby

Oh man, just coming from the idea from a different direction, the very thought of S2 Danny, steeped in regret over what his fear had cost him, being told that one day he’d let this fear get between them again is just heartbreaking. 

Daniel Castellano, you’ll get her back, you will. She’ll learn to trust you and you her, and barely a year from now you will be looking at the first pictures of the child you made together. And you will ruin it. 

Get it together, Dan.

'The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar Double-Hitting with 'The Mindy Project'

‘The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar Double-Hitting with ‘The Mindy Project’

Kunal Nayyar will be vying for Mindy’s affections on ‘The Mindy Project’ Image: WireImage   The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar will be joining The Mindy Project as well to play the potential husband for Mindy. Now that The Mindy Project has moved over to Hulu for it’s fourth season, Mindy’s character is getting quite a work-out.   She has added Garret Dilliahunt, a doctor who disapproves of…

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Tumblr messaging ate this and I just saw it, but hey, we’ve got some lovely Messina pics now and all is well:

It’s been really apparent for months how much the wait for a season 3 renewal, followed by a wait for an extra episode order, followed by a cancellation and a pickup by hulu has messed us up as a fandom. I feel like Mindy’s speech from We’re A Couple Now Haters is very apropos: 

“…I want it to be real, and the more real it seems the less likely it is that it could all get taken away from me.”

It’s real, guys. Everyone’s back to work and we are going to join Mindy and Danny and everyone else on the next part of their journey so soon. Less than 50 days we think. We can do this.