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The Foolish Dwarf

Request: Hi there! I saw you were opening requests and I’m so excited^^I was wondering, if it’s not too much trouble, if you could do a Nori or Bofur story, where they try to express their feelings for the reader, but het all young tied and nervous and strange things come out instead of words of love^^Love your stories!!

A/N: Thank you for the request and support! So here it is, I really like how this turned out and I hope that you and everyone else will be pleased!

Word count: 988

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Queen Of Erebor

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It wasn’t long after your marriage to Thorin Oakenshield that you were making preparations for the coronation as queen. Your nerves really got next to you and not even Dis herself could soothe your anxious heart. But she did know who could.

Thorin found you pacing in one of the outer corridors mumbling to yourself.

  “Are you well my petal? Is something the matter?” He asked out of curiosity. “My sister tells me you are anxious about tomorrow’s coronation.”

You turned to him.

   “Indeed I am my lord.” You repled with tension rising from your lungs.

  “How many times have I told you not to call me that? I am Thorin to you. I am your husband first, king second.”

You took a deep breath and nodded. You remembered the day you walked down the aisle and repeated your vows to your one and only. But the coronation…you were going to be standing in front of Mahal knows how many people. Certainly more than the guests at the wedding. Elves, Men, hobbits, dwarves…they were all going to be there.

He sensed your fear and took you by the hand, and led you to a small balcony nearby overlooking the landscape.

  “Look out there amralime. What do you see?”

You examined the night sky and the land down below. “Well, I see Kili and Fili courting their maidens.”

He chuckled. “No. What do you really see?”

  “I’m sorry. I’m not catching on.”

He redirected your gaze. “Look around you. All of this is going to be yours tomorrow. You and I will share this as husband and wife. Think about it.” He paused and smiled joyfully, as if he was thinking about it himself. “Queen of Erebor.”

You regained a small portion of confidence as you heard those words. Queen of Erebor. Yea, that sounded appealing. You had the entire kingdom at your footstool, ready to move at your command.

The next morning, you walked down the aisle once more, and approached the throne with ease. Kili and Fili stood majestically at Thorin’s side.

Balin instructed you to kneel before him as he brought out the crown.

  “Do you, Y/N, promise to rule at your husband’s side to the best of your ability?” He bellowed.

  “I do, and I will.” You said with strength.

  “Then I now crown you, Y/N, as Queen of Erebor. Stand and join Thorin at the top of the steps.”

You nearly tripped over your heavy royal robes, and caught Kili chuckling at you. You threw him a playful gaze and smiled as the crowd cheered for their newly crowned.

I’m so disappointed when elves in fiction are merely immortal humans with pointy ears, and dwarves are just short humans with beards. Perhaps others enjoy it, but I am bored of banal human conflicts and vices projected ad nauseam onto supposedly inhuman races. 

I want to see things that really make me believe elves and dwarves and other fantasy races aren’t just disguised humans. Show me strange biology, incomprehensible minds, impossible virtues and unthinkable sins, oddities and curiosities of all kinds. 

I think that’s what drew me to Tolkien’s races, who have exactly those kinds of quirks that set them apart from ordinary humans - like dwarves having only 1/3 of their race female, or elves being capable of telepathy. I love fic that explores the consequences of these strange characteristics most of all.