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“Uh... good news bad news time, Ted.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh dear.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, at least there is some good news involved, ‘cause… y’know… good news is good.”

Ted the Animator: “Let’s get this over with. What did you do?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, I created reeeaaally nice lantern glow cutouts for the swamp zombie scene that follow perfectly when he moves his arm.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, good job, those are tough. What’s the bad news?”

Carl the Animator: “I forgot to move his arm.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh.”

Carl the Animator: “I might have been multitasking while watching Maru the cat try to fit into a tiny box.”

Ted the Animator: “I didn’t think the ‘no cats in the studio’ rule was going to have to start applying to video cats, but you’re just full of surprises I guess.”

Carl the Animator: “It was a VERY tiny box. I couldn’t resist.”

Ted the Animator: “I… I don’t even know what this looks like. The zombie’s ghostly shadow self is leaning down, while he himself stays perfectly still.”

Carl the Animator: “Whoops.”

Ted the Animator: “Actually, that would make for an interesting overarching visual theme for a monster, were it not just a random screwup.”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh! Ooh! Can we do that for the rest of the episode?!”

Ted the Animator: “No. It would make no sense, be completely unfitting… and we don’t get to write the scripts.”

Carl the Animator: “Humph.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s bad enough for the light thing to happen just once. Even more would–”

Carl the Animator: “Twice.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh?”

Carl the Animator: “I might’ve accidentally used the same loop a second time.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, Carl….”

Carl the Animator: “Is that enough precedent to do the whole episode like it, now?!”

Ted the Animator: “No, but it is enough to get your illumination-cel privileges revoked.”

Carl the Animator: “But moooooom…

Ted the Animator: “You heard me, young man.”


VIXX Live Fantasia:

HEX SIGN (2014) // UTOPIA (2015) // ELYSIUM (2016)

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submitted by @fandommaniacx I had fun with this one. hope you enjoy!!

Last thing you remembered was sitting at the bar with the boys, sipping a tumbler of whiskey when a strange man approached you. Now here you are, wearing a god-awful dress. It was long, satin, and red with black trim. Complete with a slutty red lace corset and tights…TIGHTS! I don’t wear tights, I don’t wear dresses, and I certainly don’t wear corsets…and my boobs, they feel like one cinch more in this contraption and they’re going to deflate! Who in their right freaking… Just then you heard the unmistakable sound of gunshots just outside the building. You picked up the front of your dress and ran outside, scanning your dusty surroundings for the offending weapon.

“Dean?” you whispered, to no one in particular. Thank Christ, a familiar face! You hiked up your dress once again in hopes of catching up to him when strong fingers wrapped around your forearm. “Hey, hey pretty lady, now where do you think you’re goin’? I paid good money for you, why don’t you mosey on back in here now and give me my money’s worth.” The man was dirty, he smelled absolutely rancid, like sweaty ass crack that hadn’t seen the good side of a bar of soap in weeks. Your hunter instincts kicked in and you jarred his knees out from under him, pulling him into a chokehold before his body hit the wooden steps. “Ever touch me again, darlin’ and I will castrate you with my bare hands, understood?” The man frantically nodded his head and you released him from your grip, letting his body hit the ground.

When you caught up with Dean, he had just fired off another round. He lifted the smoking barrel up to his lips and blew the steam from the weapon. He heard you approaching, turned and aimed the gun to your face. “Woah woah woah, Dean! Watch where you’re pointing that thing.” An amused smile spread over his face as he took in your get-up. “So, you’re a saloon girl huh? If I go pay the brothel you think you can show me a few tricks?” He winked at you and ran his tongue over his bottom lip. Before you really knew what was going on, your fist was connecting with his jaw. “Shit, Y/N, sorry!”

“Don’t cross me, Winchester! Where is he, where is that goofy looking son of a bitch who put us here, I swear I’m ending his ass the second I lay eyes on him. Why the hell are we here and why the hell do I have to be dressed like a freaking prostitute.” You were pacing back and forth, Dean stood still, watching you with a cautious eye while rubbing his injured jaw.

“Well, as bad as I would love to help you gank the asshole, I don’t think we have the necessary equipment. Last time I checked, corsets don’t really have angel blade hidey holes…” you sent him another seething glare and he took a cautious step back. “and I’m fresh out, so we’re just going to have to figure out a different way to get back to our time. Then we can get all stabby on Gabriel.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go, Winchester!”

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