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Happy Blackout Day! My name is Sophia and I’m a scifi writer! I have two books on amazon. One is a scifi mystery about a black girl named Cosmo. My second book is a short romance story about black love in space!

Also sometimes I tweet things.


#Blackout Co-Creators @marsincharge and @nukirk accepted the Shorty Award for Tumblr Blog of the Year on Sunday!

Thank you all for your votes and support these last two years. We hope to continue doing you proud!

First Image: Photo of co-creators @marsincharge and @nukirk with Shorty Awards banner in the background. Mars is holding the Shorty Awards trophy.

Second Image: Group photo. Starting from the left, Tony (makeup artist, friend of @marsincharge), Tabou TMF (photographer, friend of @nukirk), YouTube Star and model Ari Fitz, Comedian and Writer @chescaleigh, co-creator @marsincharge, and @nukirk in the front!

Sending all our love to you Black Tumblr and a thank to all our allies and to Tumblr @staff


B L ✊🏾 C K .

If you’re interested in getting this shirt, feel free to email Also be sure to check the rest of the collection at SheeshFX on Instagram and let them know that Akan sent you!

‪In honor of my friends graduating from THE North Carolina Central University School of Law tomorrow, I had to give them a special shoutout. They took me in when I moved to North Carolina and did not know anyone. Even though these last two years have flown by, I thank God for them everyday. They have been there for every high and every low. Even though they’ll probably never see this, I just want y'all to see Black Excellence in the making and how proud I am of them.

To the Crew, congratulations on your accomplishments. I wish you only the best. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you. Love you babies 😘😘🙌🏾