gif: the avengers


Iron Man II analysis, a closer look to the contents of the box Howard Stark left his son:

  • The very first comic book of Captain America ( here a proper image of the comic book, barely visible in the box )
  • His journal/notebook ( contains advanced equations -not known in which contest they’re mentioned/why Howard wrote about them ; notes about the Tesseract, which is called the HYPERCUBE -or n-cube- by Howard )
  • Newspapers about Vanko
  • Videos ( behind the scenes of the Stark Expo recordings ; message to Tony ; possibly others? )
  • Files ( with what looks like a dossier -last screencap )
  • Photos
  • Stark Expo booklets from 1964 and 1974
  • A map of the Arctic ( quite probably from Howard’s search of Steven Rogers after he crashed with the plane )
  • Blueprints ( ARC REACTOR - TFTR-1 ; BUILDING 290 UU-IOP44 ; Projects Designers: ANTON VANKO )

please do not delete the text! kind of worked hard for this. if there are any corrections or additions you’d like to make just come and tell me and I’ll add them.