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X-5 Member Intro Guide ~

I was asked by for a x-5 member intro ^^ So I decided to make one for everyone to see in case others are interested in getting to know them ♥ So, here we go:

Ghun ( Real Name: Hyunseok)

Position: Leader

D.O.B: 1989.11.30

* He’s the main character in their debut music video “Don’t Put on An Act”

Taefung/Typhoon (Real name: Donghyun)

Position: Main Vocal

D.O.B:  1991.04.28

* He’s the guy that has the girl against the wall in the mv, LOL ~ (you can see him in the mv @ 2:02)

Haewon (this is his real name, he doesn’t use a stage name)

Position: Vocals

D.O.B: 1991.06.20

* some people say he looks like jungmin (ss501)~ You can see him in the mv @ 1;02, 2;33, etc.

Zin/Jin (Real name: Hyunjin)

Position: Main rapper

D.O.B: 1993.07.20

*Some people say he raps a bit like Mir (MBLAQ) ^^; He’s the guy rapping in the car in their m/v ( @ 2;13 & 2;15)

Sulhu (Real name: Jinwan)

Position: Rapper

D.O.B: 1995.09.07

* He’s the maknae of the group ( you can see him in the mv @ 1;29, 1;33 )

~ and yeah, that’s about it n_n ♥ if you guys have any questions feel free to leave me a message :D

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