gif: super clyde

Serious question...

Does Rupert actually HAVE a management/publicist?

If so, they’re either lazy or not competent enough. Get that man a twitter account and promote his projects, for god’s sake. Twitter is the easiest and fastest way to do it and you don’t need a degree in marketing to know that.

I’m sorry but it’s bugging me for quite some time now. He’s got so much potential but he needs to get himself out more, tell people what you’re up to, create some buzz. And you don’t need to expose your private life to do it, so I don’t accept that as an excuse.

/end rant

I think that the Harry Potter cast are proving again and again that working in TV instead of films is not a step down.

Just look at Downton Abbey, The Young Doctor’s Notebook, Super Clyde (yes it counts,) Murder in the First and How to get Away with Murder.