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Let’s talk about WWE today.

First they announce that Emma has been released.

Yeah, okay. Emma may not have had a great run recently, with the whole Emmalina and then suddenly changing back to Emma crap, but THEN she started winning matches, and at TLC and the RAW after, she shined in her matches against Asuka. Why build her up like that to release her? Why give her the chance to let her show us why she should be in WWE, and then release her??!? It’s ridiculous

Then, there’s Summer Rae.

Yes, okay. Maybe Summer hasn’t been seen in a while, but she was in training, ready for a comeback, and with the right gimmick, her comeback had the potential to be great for Summer, but no. WWE let her start training for something that could potentially push Summer, and then release her. Why keep her under contract but off TV for so long, but fire her when she’s training to come back?

And last but not least, Darren Young.

Darren had gotten injured, yes. But they were letting him work live/house shows, to build up to his eventual televised return. Just like they did with Summer, WWE let Darren prepare for a return, which could of helped Darren, but before it could happen, they fired him. WWE is foolish for this.

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I personally think WWE made a mistake in letting all three of these superstars go, when they were all developing into something amazing, especially Emma. I hope they all go on to be even more successful in the future