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3 Sugababes Playlists That Will Change Your Life


  1. One Touch from One Touch
  2. Lush Life from One Touch
  3. Breathe Easy from Angels With Dirty Faces
  4. Situation’s Heavy from Three
  5. Conversation’s Over from Three
  6. Ace Reject from Taller In More Ways
  7. Never Gonna Dance Again from Change
  8. Side Chick from Catfights & Spotlights
  9. Nothing’s As Good As You from Catfights & Spotlights
  10. Can We Call A Truce from Catfights & Spotlights


  1. Overload from One Touch
  2. Freak Like Me from Angels With Dirty Faces
  3. Round Round from Angels With Dirty Faces
  4. Who from Hole In The Head
  5. Hole In The Head from Three
  6. Red Dress from Taller In More Ways
  7. My Love Is Pink from Change
  8. Girls from Catfights & Spotlights
  9. You On A Good Day from Catfights & Spotlights
  10. Lay Down In Swimming Pools by Mutya Keisha Siobhan


  1. Run For Cover from One Touch
  2. Look At Me from One Touch
  3. Stronger from Angels With Dirty Faces
  4. Too Lost In You from Three
  5. Ugly from Taller In More Ways
  6. 2 Hearts from Taller In More Ways
  7. About You Now from Change
  8. Every Heart Broken from Catfights & Spotlights
  9. Wait For You from Sweet 7
  10. Flatline by Mutya Keisha Siobhan
Mutya Keisha Siobhan: 15 Things You Should Know

Your world is about to be rocked to the core by a new girlband named Mutya Keisha Siobhan (or MKS). Here are 15 things you should know about them.

1. They are the original line-up of Sugababes. They released one album in 2000 before Siobhan called it quits a year later. Sugababes released another six albums, with three more line-ups.

2. Legend has it that she escaped through a toilet window in Tokyo. Apparently, Mutya and Keisha would speak in a secret language around her and she couldn’t understand it.

3. Let’s just say that Keisha has a bit of a reputation.

4. It’s fine, though, because Siobhan made two amazing solo albums. You should definitely buy this one:

5. Mutya left in 2005 under suspicious circumstances. She was replaced by Amelle. This line-up did a lot of strutting.

6. Siobhan’s replacement, Heidi, doesn’t speak to Mutya anymore. This is because she didn’t text her to say she was leaving. 

7. Finally, Keisha was removed by management in 2009. No one really knows what happened but, basically, everyone was an idiot.

8. Keisha hates some of the Sugababes’ most amazing songs. Among them: UK #1 single Round Round and perennial fan favorite Ace Reject.

9. They are really into social media. Mutya in particular spends more time on Instagram and Snapchat than making music.

10. Keisha, meanwhile, is prone to the occasional Twitter breakdown. Her 2009 Line-Up Change Breakdown was particularly horrifying/amazing.

This was just Part 78 of the ‘I Was Fired From Sugababes Chronicles’.

11. After leaving, Mutya made some really amazing music that did reasonably well.

And Keisha made some really shit music that was thankfully never released.

12. Since regrouping as a trio, MKS have tended to say the word “SOON” quite a bit. 

This is because everything they do is forever delayed. But always worth it.

13. Despite being the original Sugababes, they can’t call themselves that for legal reasons. Their replacements own the rights to the name.

14. But Mutya owns the rights to Sugababes stationery. No, really.

15. Whatever they are called, they are amazing.