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37. Fighting

In 2013, we went back to Yongfeng in 2013 with Lu Yuping’s whole family. We reserved two private rooms in a restaurant in the city for our friends. Our room was mostly Ma Liping’s former students. There were about ten of them, and they were now working in the city. Lu Yuping’s room was mostly his former colleagues.

When I went to his room to propose a toast, someone came up to me, and said, “I was a sent-down youth in your neighboring village, Chanbei. My last name is Liu.”

I was confused. “Your village is half Liu, half Zhang. But, from our village, only Cui Yinghui went to Chanpei…”

He quickly clarified, “My father was Liu Kaixuan.”

It all came back to me. “Oh, right! Your father used to teach. During the cultural revolution, he was labeled a counter-revolutionary and sent down to Chanbei, with his five or six sons. Everyone in your family was bigger than you. And at the end of every year, your family would have gotten the most work credits, and the villagers were always jealous of you.”

Little Liu said, “After the Cultural Revolution, my father went back to Yongfeng Middle School to teach. As a sent-down youth I went to work under Lu Yuping.”

I asked him, “Speaking of Chanbei, were you there when we had the fight between Libeishang and Chanbei?”

“Yes, I was there. You won and we lost.”

I laughed, raising my glass. “Nowadays nobody can believe that such a scholarly-seeming person as myself would hit someone; you’ll have to be my witness. Cheers!”

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