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“I love people who’ve had torture in their lives, and still rolled their sleeves up and got to the other side - having gotten through some of the dark things in life, I am entertained by the little bent view some of us have of the world.”

Happy 45th birthday, Matthew L. Perry! [August 19, 1969]


Don’t ever make fun of my magic tricks.

Dear CBS, ABC, HBO, NBC, BBC, ITV, Channel 4,CBC etc.

By this time next year there probably isn’t going to be a show about journalism being broadcast on our TV screens. There is a massive spot in the market for you guys to fill the teleprompter shaped hole in our hearts. So maybe when the ideas for new shows start popping up, you might want to consider ignoring yet another crime drama (not that I don’t love those, but there’s just so many) and consider commissioning a show about some bright, ethical journalists trying to reclaim the fourth estate.