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~* Sharing a lovestory ~

Yoh x Tira drabble
Title: Sharing a lovestory
Character(s): Yoh Tomoe & Tira (fufufanserviceupinhurr–)
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Warnings/Triggers: None
Authors note: This is written as if the narrator was directly telling you the story, hence the [ text ] at points. I was trying something, ehe~

There was a time when I knew this girl – she was great, mind you, and hopefully still happy about somewhere. But that’s beyond the point. What I’m about to tell here is what truly counts; a short story, one of many, that could be told about them. Not just her, the lady and her prince.

“Henri..?” Sleepy, a voice from underneath the soft pink and blue covers called, confused as to why the space beside her frame on the bed was currently empty. Had they not slept together the night prior this lovely morning? Then, where was her beloved redhead? In the midst of worry and concern, the female was about ready to slide out of bed when a familiar voice responded –

Ah, there he was indeed.

Bonjour~.” A lovely coo, features immediately brightening upon the sight of a somewhat sleepy Tira – honestly, how could someone be so precious? Of course, he wasn’t going to complain considering she was precious, true, but all his as well. Clambering back onto the mattress with the female, he leaned down, lips pressing to another pair in a gentle fashion.

[ See, I’m telling you – he really adored her! Aherm, let’s continue with this short story now, yes~? ]

Her own expression had morphed from worry to relief, and now clear happiness adorned her facial features, lips pressed back to her beloved’s own; though curiosity lingered. Where had he been when she woke up? “Hey.. Henri? Why weren’t you in bed a little while ago?” Questioned softly; was she doing right in asking such thing? Hopefully he didn’t mind! Though, knowing Yoh… he probably wouldn’t.

[ Ehehe, of course not! I mean, she was his everything~ aah, I should stop ruining the mood here. Sorry, sorry! ]

Bright hues blinked a few times, and he pouted; had he done wrong in leaving her alone for a bit? He hadn’t wanted such thing! And, naturally, he offered an honest and valid response. “I was just telling Kanata that I was not going to meet with them today.” He explained, snuggling closer to her; and before she questioned his reasons, he continued to speak. “I want to spend all day in bed with ma chérie,” Smiled, cheeks acquiring a faint pink hue though words never faltering.

She meant everything to him.

Hearing his words, her cheeks, too, took on a red tone and for a brief moment she couldn’t believe she’d doubted his intentions at first. This was Henri – not just a random guy; this was the man that loved her, and was determined to move the Moon and Sun if it’d make her happy! “Oh, Henri.. I love you..” Arms tightened around his neck, burying face against his chest as body acknowledged the warmth emitting by Yoh’s own frame.

Whispering endearing words, hands cupped face and he captured her lips in a rather passionate, no less gentle, liplock to carry out his feelings to her. “Moi aussi je t’aime,” Cooed, another kiss to a cheek. “Ma poupée~”

[ Ah! Let me tell you a little something; right after that, they spent their time cuddling in bed (Yoh liked to be vocal about his emotions, so that, too, continued for a little while~). They tried to prepare breakfast together, though ended up calling delivery; and, of course, they made love – hey, we have to cherish what we have, no? Maybe I’ll tell you about more of their intimate stories another time! ]