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I’ve had this made for weeks, but it wouldn’t let me upload with the original version of the song. Found a very fitting cover version instead. Enjoy. 

Jim pursues Spock. Everyone knows but them. 

Julian slid into the seat and immediately proceeded to allow his upper body to melt into the table in front of him, emitting a tired groan as he did so.

Jadzia smiled. “Is that so?”

Speaking into the table top, Julian muttered, “If I have to hear one more long-winded story about how Morn did… whatever, I might just surgically sew his mouth shut.”

Dax carefully set down her drink and leaned over so she could see one eye peeking out from behind the long limbs. “You mean you don’t know how to get him to stop talking?”

There was a pause. After a moment, the young doctor’s head raised a fraction and the eye locked onto her. “There’s a way to do that?”

She nodded, giving him a quirked eyebrow and a knowing smile. She leaned in closer, and Julian did the same. Glancing to either side of them, Dax whispered, “He’s camara shy. Just pull out a holo-vid camera and he freezes right up.”

The doctor’s eyes widened in disbelief. “No!”

She nodded. “Have you ever seen him speak when someone is recording him?”

Julian thought back, and sure enough, he couldn’t remember a single instance when the alien had done so. He opened his mouth to inquire further, but in the distance, just outside Quark’s, the Lurian had spotted him, and was waving him over. The doctor stood. “I think it’s time to invest in a holo-vid camera.” 

A commission for artofnovascotia!

I tried to make up a story here about how Kathryn is tuckered out from her first few weeks in a command role, but I’m bad at timelines and I’m not sure the ages would actually work out. XD

At any rate, she’s a little tired from some assignment or another, and stargazes to relax with Beverly. And by “stargazes to relax”, I mean “uses Doctor Crusher’s shoulder as a pillow because it’s nice and comfy and warm and much much better than spending hours in a Jefferies Tube thank you”. :D